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172 accel pedal ?

Im doing my clio 1.2 rn inetior as a 172 and its coming along nicely.

Just orderd my foot pedals and foot rest from renualt but i was told the accel pedal comes as a whole thing not just a pedal to put on like the clutch and brake.

I was wondering if anyone has a 172 do they know if the accel pedal can be taken off if so im going to my renault scrappy soon and if he has a 172 there ill take the accel pedal plus orange needles for my white dials and and chrome door handles.
  Pink & Blue 182, JDM DC2
I don't know if it comes off but comes attached to the complete pedal assembly.
can't you just get a set of alloy pedlas from halfrauds ?
they sell Sparco ones... I guess thats what you mean ?
  133/225/CLS AMG
Probably as easy going for a set of decent after market ones, just drill your pedals and get em on.

Saved *****ing about with removing the accelerator pedal. Its not a 172 so it won't hurt to not have all 172 bits. :D :D
Well i orderd my 172 brake and clutch pedal and megane sport 225 foot rest. and all i need is a accel pedal now and you cant buy them on there own can you ?

So i thought i might as well get the 172 accel pedal.

I know i could of had after market pedal but i dont like it i wanted 172 pedals.