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172 airbox question

Had a garage fit a 57i while doing some other work, who obviously removed my original airbox.

I decided it looked guff... so thought id put my original airbox back on. Connected it up... but something's not quite right.

You've got 3 hose connectors.

1. top front facing going into intake manifold.
2. side intake from airfeed down by fog light
3. side exit coming out of airbox and connects to a mount down by fog light too

it doesn't seem like ive connected it properly. No 1 & 2 connections are obvious. Number 3 just seems to sit there with no other connection. But why would you have a pipe coming out of the airbox, and not going anywhere?

I can't remember how the airbox looked... but it doesn't seem to clip in correctly either.

I'm adament ive done it wrong as the engine no longer has its vvt kick. Its smooth... but doesn't feel as fast.

Can anyone post a pic of how it is supposed to look (std)... including the air links & mounting connectors/clips.



ClioSport Club Member
  FF Jeden Osiem Dwa
There are 2 air feeds . One goes down to the acoustic valve ,down towards the wheel arch , the second air feed is alot shorter and just clips into the bracket next to the battery .It turns and locks in place . Try disconnecting your battery for 30 mins , then see if this makes a difference . When i fitted a k+n apollo to mine , i didn't do this and the car cut out . After i disconnected the battery for 30 mins it was ok . Something to do with the ecu resetting itself to the different volume of air you get from different filters .
  Clio 172 mk2
Yep...just look to the left of the passenger side headlight (when facing the car) and you'll see a plate coming down with the oval shape for the feed in it.
thanks guys.

sounds like i've done it right after all! still not as powerful though. will try disconnecting battery later.

of the 2 bolting points, top & bottom... it seems the bottom has nothing to connect to? has a crescent shaped clip.. nothing near it to mount/clip to.

its weird having it smooth through the gears... I miss my vv kick :(
  ff 182
i know what you mean m8 i just put my standard airbox back on a few days ago..engine feels more revie.and smother and seems to pick up faster, but the kick aint there anymore ..wierd
mine don't pick up faster though mate... its slower, and definately noticable.

i expected better torque pick up, and more pull through the gears... as i know you lose a bit of responsiveness through kits like the 57i.

gonna have to consider another kit i think.
  ff 182
duuno then m8.. but i cant see how the k+n made it feel faster over the airbox .the 57i i had on mine killed all the power below5 just seem so laggy, i got power all way through the range now but dont notice the kick as sure someone on here will beable to explain.the lack off kick!


ClioSport Club Member
  FF Jeden Osiem Dwa
I have a k+n cone filter inside a home made aluminium enclosure , it definitely pulls hard right through the rev range and the 5k kick is still there .Don't know if it makes any difference , but the k+n has a larger surface area than the standard panel filter also .
initially changing from standard to 57i i noticed zero difference, only sound.

but then i fitted a janspeed decat & prospeed system... and again didn't make any difference except for sound and lots of it!

now... still with exhaust system still on car, i took the 57i off, and noticed the following:

1. doesn't sound as good
2. rev band so smooth
3. no kick at 5k or anywhere
4. acceleration not as good
5. big loss in torque

i was more surprised that i never noticed any difference when i fitted the decat or SS system

??? dunno what the hell i've done lol


ClioSport Club Member
  FF Jeden Osiem Dwa
Have you tried disconnecting the battery and leaving it for 30 mins then ? This is what it said i had to do in the instructions for the apollo , which i ignored, lol . Even the AA couldn't get me going again and had to tow me home . So i rang k+n and spoke to the bloke on research and developement . He told me to always disconnect the battery and leave it . Just make sure you've got your radio code handy , lol .