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172 Brakes

Never had ABS before so sorry if i sound a bit thick. When braking at speed, there is a quite severe vibrating coming back up through the brake pedal. I understand how ABS works but i have driven my girlfriends astra which has ABS and i cant feel a thing when i brake hard on her car.

Is this normal on 172s?
  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg

This is quite normal during ABS regulation but if there is vibration and juddering through the steering wheel as well, then you more than likely have warped front discs.

The ABS system is and has to be very sensistive and should be no cause for alarm.

If you understand exactly how it operates, then I will not bore you with the technical details of what happens during an ABS active cycle.

Anyone one else that wants to know the operational cycle and whats happening, post a topic on this and I will answer any questions and let you all know how it works.

Bob RTE.

Hi Bob.

Id be interested in understanding the interaction between ABS and the diagonal split system! I guess its a bit nerdy!

bobrte...hi there...

my cars a dec 2001 1.4M 16v...had actually been feeling quite a lot of feedback thru the brake pedal in the last few months...there is no feedback thru the steering wheel...thot it was warped front discs so i had them replaced 2 days ago with a set of aftermarket brembo max discs.

now the feedback is is braking beautifully...

what do you think is the problem? i still think it is warped discs...

your diagnosis? thanks in advance...