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172 Cup - 2022 Sprint Car Project

  Clio 172 Cup.
Hi All

Rather than me keep hijacking jp_lcr thread I thought I had best start my own!

For many years (over 20) I have been meaning to have a go at Sprinting at Curborough circuit. I have actually been a member of SDCC (Shenstone District Car Club) for many years on and off but despite buying many cars with the intention of starting have never gotten round to it. I actually did the Sprint School back in 2006 at Curborough and then forgot about it again. I have done a few of the members track afternoons through the club (including a couple in the Cup)

I have had my Clio Cup since Early 2021 and it is sat in the garage doing nothing so over Xmas I thought this year (2022) I am going to finally do it and enter some Sprints. I then came across the thread of jp_lcr and that spurned me on even more (thanks mate!). The thread held lots of good advice and also jp_lcr has sent me some good advice by messenger (thanks again if you read this).

The Cup is not standard so I need to enter the Road Cars 1b Class. The Cup is fitted with K-Tec Sports Cat, K-Tec Exhaust. Induction kit. Koni Adjustable Shock Absorbers. Rear Anti Roll Bar. Strut Braces & wheel spacers. I had the choice of returning it to standard or entering as it is - I have chosen to enter as it is.

Car is now entered in the members only sprint (20th March) and then I plan to enter as many of the championship ones as possible this year (I miss a few due to holidays).

So has been a busy weekend this weekend - my shed in the garden I built many years ago as a workshop (14 foot x 8 foot) with guillotine, folder, vise, press, etc and when I used to do a lot of car restoration it was well used. The last few years though it has become a dumping ground and you could barely get in. So it has all ben emptied out and once again now I can walk in and get to everything. So have made timing strut in readiness (just needs painting), I was going to weld the reinforcer on but unfortunately last year I left my welding wire in the Mig and its gone damp (I usually keep it in the airing cupboard but last summer dug the welder out to do a job on my lads seat rails and left the wire in when I threw the welder back in shed), so I have pop rivetted it together today. This will be held under the bumper face with rivnuts in the bumper so it can be quickly bolted/unbolted when at the track.

Next weekend I plan to go to Demon Tweeks to select a race suit and helmet and I'll also go over the car and make sure that is ready, it was MOT'd a few weeks back so shouldn't need much. The current Turinis have new Uniroyal rainsports on and my other set of Turinis will be up the powder coaters this weekend and then fitted with new Michelin Pilot Sports I think (that or Yokos) so depending on the weather the right tyres can be on the car for the track condition.

Question though if anyone can help:
If i buy a race seat can i still use the seat belt or how can i mount a harness safely with the rear seats in place?








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ClioSport Club Member
  172 cup + more
Nice one, they are great cars for Sprints and Hillclimbing, I have always fancied having a go at Curborough. I'm a member of the Bristol Motor Club and they do a couple of good sprints at Castle Combe if you ever fancied it. I'll be interested in what seat you go for as that's the only thing that annoys me in mine is sliding around in the standard seat.
Make sure you keep us all posted on here how you get on.
  Clio 172 Cup.
Had a busy weekend. Visit to Demon Tweeks to collect my helmet and full race gear (suit/gloves/boots). Signed up for the Demon Tweeks sponsorship scheme so applied the stickers to the car.
Wil be checking the car over in coming weeks and doing final preparations.
Found a seat I like but without a cage can't mount harness and not sure if it will work with standard seat belt - will ask the question in appropriate forum area :)
Should be picking up another bonnet tonight as I want to fit bonnet pins for ease trackside but don't wish to bastardise my bonnet as its nice, so mine can go up in garage loft incase i ever go to sell the car. Not sure whether to paint the new bonnet black or car colour.


  Clio 172 Cup.
I've used one of these mate 23cm length, it's bolted to the chassis as the point the Jon Foz XLow frame does. I'll send you some photos when get chance but as long as use appropriate tensile hardware and the belts run across your body at same points would in standard seat (shoulder and waste) without fouling on seat all good.

Just looked at these and the belt size listed is different to the clio one - the internal hole in seat belt clasp is smaller in current clio belt than what the listing suggests?
  Clio 172 Cup.
Well cars ready now for its first sprint 20th March, then the next one is 2 weeks after on 3rd April, with the Saturday inbetween having 5 laps on track in the members afternoon at Curborough.
Seat fitted, Steering Wheel on and air bag light sorted (resistor in air bag and seat belt tensioner plugs) so it comes on with ignition and then goes off as no fault found :)
I'm amazed, I got regsitration no.2 for the championship - pity i could not land no.1 :)





  Clio 172 Cup.
Well, did my first ever Sprint yesterday. Practice one at Curborough. Wnet very well i thought. I was fortunate to be in between two 182's so picked some great tips up off both drivers - real helpful and welcoming - both seasoned racers so it is was great for learning from them. Not sure if they are on here, both were named David - if they are thanks for help!
My track lines need some tidying (times are in image below) and i figured on the last run i was boucing off the limiter etc too long and so thats has cost valuable time.
Proper sprint in 2 weeks time! Hopefully get my cage fitted this weekend and harness - have bought new seat for passenger side to replace the Renault one - i figure a competition seat that side negates the weight of the cage!







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