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172 Cup numbers

Hi Alll..

I have and couple of different answers to how many of these cars are being produced. I have been told 1000 cars, 1 full years production , does anyone know ? :D

Still on for the 7th Oct at the mo, getting stressed, just waiting, and expecting yet anoither phone saying its delayed again..

Ive heard that its only 500 to start off with as its a homolgation edition of the 172. They are being careful not to make the same mistake that they did with the Williams and say its Ltd edition and then bring out three versions!

Know how you feel about the waiting....fecking ar$e! :mad:


Heres another poser, are they numbered then, or will there be any indication of what numbered car you have bought ie on the log book.

When I order this I was under the impression they were being produced for a year, not limited numbers :D

I asked that myself if they were going to be numbered. I did also ask for a certificate of authenticity as that would obviously help with resale.

not heard anything about this. but then again renault cant get me my car let alone a certificate!

( Yes, Im very bitter! ;) )

No, there is no confirmed limit..

No, they are not numbered..

No, they will not become a classic:sick:

No, they are not a Williams replacement..

So, No, There is no comparison to the Williams in numbers, availability or anything. They will release as many as they can sell..



*flame suit on*

As we can gather from that, and numerous other posts, the Capn is no Cup fan!

I do agree however that they should not be considered a direct replacement for the Williams at all just as a nice piece of marketing by Renualt!

Still, makes things a bit different which is always good IMHO.

*Flame suit off, ready to be burnt down!*

No Sangy m8... you read me wrong !!!

The Cup is SUPERB, not as SUPERB as the real 172, but thats simply cos its a bargain basement model with, obviously, effective marketting.

Its faster than a 172 generally, due to lack of comforts.. if you want a faster 172 and are prepared to cut corners in the comforts dept, then kewl.. go for it dood :D

However.. as said above.. it is NOT a Williams...

these threads tend to degenerate into the sad belief that somehow the blatent HIT of the williams could be recreated by stumping up more dosh for less lol :)

It aint an outa da box track day special, or, a modified version...

I even love it when the sort of ABS is not good on the track ... so I dont want it in a track car ! etc, type of posts appear...:confused:

Its that kinda bollUx that gets me goat ;)

Otherwise, its fine..


Simple really.. its more a would be owners attitude that I find enlightening.


Cars should never really be compared with one another, this is where all the aruging starts. Each model has its pluses and minuses and are individual.

I would have bought a 172 if I could have afforded it, but it all boils down to prices and what you can afford. As im getting the Cup for 9000 even an import 172 didnt come close to my budget.

I just wanted to know a bit more about the cup as nobody really knows that much at the dealers.. Didnt want to start you all off... :D

How have you managed to get a cup for £9000 ?? The best i could get was £800 off one. Need to sell my 106 GTI first, but would love to buy one especially after test driving one at renault Manchester.

that is a good price. i noticed in top gear magazine that a best price of 10800 was shown but when i followed it up on the website it was more like 12k. ive ordered mine for just under 12k, but if its available for 9k im there.


Capn - I warned u about saying the Cup word ever again!! Look what happened last time - LOL

Dont suppose u know where the bonnet vent on the super1600 clio comes from?
  996 Carrera list the Cup for £12100. No part-exchange though.

Try as well.

Mine should be coming in the next two weeks :D

the bonnet vent is pure renault.......

its a rally car bult to the US$100,000 limit, and that is what they cam up for the WRC circut....kinda junior rally circut.

restricted through a single 60mm inlet TB, were allowed individual TBs of 40mm but now banned when Citroen ran away with teh title with sebastien loeb lst year.

its a cool car!

220bhp from a 1.6!

I have to say, having spent 3 hours as a passenger in a Cup yesterday there is nothing about it that is less comfortable than my own 172! So yes, it might have a few less "gadgets" but is not less of a car by any means :D