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172 cup or 172 sport

Hi guys new on here was just wondering what you think about the cup and normal 172 sport. I am just about to buy the wife one but dont know which is best, is the cup in limited numbers or is it just a lightened version of the sport.


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Cup is not a limited edition, just a stripped out 172. Depends on how keen you are on the toys & luxuries, and of course your budget!

Very difficult..

Cup is just a 172 without the luxeries.. and in a gorgeous blue colour!


If it keeps her out of my scooby then yes, she likes the cup because of the colour no abs no probs probably doesnt do much above 30mph she just likes nice cars

Get the current Performance GTI magazine, they have a test drives of a cup and a 172. For me, (from a female point of view) I chose a standard 172 as I wanted the leather, air con, abs etc, and as I have no intention of going on track days, the little extra speed isnt all that relevant on the road. For me the best bit about the cup is the colour and wheels, and the best bit of the standard 172 is all of it!!!!

yeah they seem a bit down on the spec list but just going to be used as a second car for some fun i prefer the gadgets but wife doesnt know how half of it works anyway just tempting for the cup with the extra performance

I see where your coming from viv but my wife isnt normal she likes the cup because of the colour and wheels she once bought a car because she thought the rev counter was cute only to sell it 4 months later because she didnt really like the car. I will show her what everyone has said and see if a more specced up sport is on the cards.

I know - get her the Cup, ler her pootle around in it at 30mph for a few months, then sell it to me for a vastly reduced price! Hey presto! A virtually brand new, mint condition Cup for me for loads less than new! Do it man, do it! ;)

how bad wouldl it be beating that 172 a like and finding out later it was just a 1.2 8v! Still, wish I could afford the wings, bumpers, interior for my 1.2 16v :(.

BTW 172 imho wins every time due to the creature comforts, fit a filter and zorst and you are the same speed as a Cup?


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ye for the amount of stuff that you loose on the cup..

climate control
half leather/alcantara interior
heat reflective window
Normal glass (cup has thin glass)

and for what 2-3 tenths of a second to 60 .. no thanks.. (but then the cup is cheaper)

Oh you are all so Harsh on the Cup. It does have features the 172 does not like different ECU, uprated suspension, wider wheelbase, better tuned steering, tweeked chassis etc.....

2 things you should consider:

1) If you get a Cup for the wife you can have fun when you borrow it (selfish I know)

2) Being a woman she will probably want all the little extras and creature comforts, so if you are thinking just of her, get the 172.

By the way, the Cup is closer to half a second quicker to 60 and the difference if very apparent (have a test drive, it will blow you away with its responsiveness)

Hi swelch thanks for that not alot of good comments for the cup daft thing is its me that is thinking of the creature comforts and i would be using it for fun after speaking to her again it looks like its the cup she wants so i will be ordering it tomorrow thansk all for posting

Ive owned both from new and have been delighted with both.


The 172 is a formidable piece of kit all things considered, it has a superb spec for the price and provides a less compromised vehicle for all purposes. I sorely miss the Xenons and Aircon :-( but.........

The cup on the other hand is a different kettle of fish. Those tweaks on paper may not look much, but give it a try - youll be suprised.

The increased castor changes the atittude of the car, better turn-in and a more tactile link between the driver and the wheels. When coupled with the improved suspension and slightly wider track, I find the Cup a more accomplished drivers car.

From the word go the Cup felt more dynamic and lively. Since buying the Cup Ive removed almost everything that isnt required (rear seats, interior trim, stereo etc.. etc..) which has again improved almost every aspect.

The only point I would make is the Cup requires more forethought when driven hard. No ABS demands that you pay the utmost attention to road surface conditions; even in standard tune lighting the front wheels is easier than youd expect. Getting the most from your Cup takes more effort.

All things considered - youre going to be delighted either way :)

I decided to go for the CUP as I felt the standard 172 was not a car I wanted in respect of the "creature comforts". I like my cars pretty raw so the CUP was it for me. I have changed the seats though as they were completely pants and added 17" wheels as I found that the looser the engine got (7.7K & counting) maximum attack meant maximum wheelspin in 1st & 2nd on the 16"s. I absolutely love driving it since the seats and wheels were changed, you would not believe the difference.

I am doing the Peugeot British Rally Championship this year and have pretty much decided that I will keep the CUP on the road until September and then have it converted to a full Grp N rally car and do the British Championship in 2004 in the CUP. With a quaife LSD, I think it will be stunning.


Nice to see some good points about the cup ordering today so no turning back i must say after test driving the cup i was impressed. I drive a 300 bhp impreza which is quick but the cup was just as exciting,been used to four wheel drive meant plenty of wheel spin but im sure we will get used to this and just back off a little, maybe smaller car feels faster but hey it was great fun. Any way going to garage to part with some money see you all later.


The CUP is as much fun as my Impreza, although were developing a kit that includes remapped ECU, bigger Turbo and larger injectors that will rate the 01/02 WRX around 345 BHP we hope. Were currently dynoed @ 302 BHP without the bigger Turbo & injectors. This will make a big difference over the CUP.

Has anyone had experience with LAD, Ernie Lartons outfit as he is advertising a 172 upgrade to 200 brake???