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172 cup standard speakers - power

hi peeps,

does anyone know what the power handling is on the standard 172 cup speakers? I know the h/u is 4x22w. I am hoping that they are the same speakers as the 172 and renault just put in a cheaper h/u.

I was thinking of replacing the h/u with an mp3 player which are all 4x40w +. Just want to make sure if i turn it up, i wont blow the speakers.

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the alpine 4x60w units only do about 23wRMS whick isnt really enough to blow the standard speakers

(if you turn it up so it starts to clip then you will blow something)

iirc the mk1 172 had 3wRMS speakers, which was mightily impressive, lol

think the 182 has nearer to 10wRMS, but still not exactly mind blowing
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Probably the same mate. Doubt they went to the trouble of fitting different speakers to the cup than the full fat 172. The standard speakers have crappy paper cones anyway so theyre worth replacing.

I put some infinity components in mine last weekend and theyre running off the HU at the moment. The sound quality is much better and theres a lot more volume from the speakers which was always a problem with the standard ones. When I get time, Ill fit my amp up and get the full potential from them.