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172 Cup @ Staples, Torquay

  MK2 172
172 cup in the Staples carpark Torquay. Had a large Cliosport sticker in the back Window and JL Audio in the front. Looked like it also had a rollacge. Also using two spaces to stop parking dings.
  172 CUP
I knew the cliosport sticker would eventaully get me spotted. Always try and park in two spaces if i can! had too many dents pulled out already.
  MK2 172
Hard not to sport you with the the big cliosport sticker.
Another Torbay Cliosporter, I thought I was the only one. Seems that RS Clio's are as rare as rocking horse teeth down here. Always on the look out for them.
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  RenaultSport clio 172 mk2
I saw one when I spent 2 weeks in Paignton in August, does yours have twin exhausts Wayne ? If not then it was a 182 going towards Torquay seafront (I was doing my bit for public transport :) open top bus))
  172 CUP
No just a standard exhaust. If you don't see me you'll probably here me. There are a few other cliosports around but most are owned by grand dads!
To bump up an old thread, I knew that cup had to be a cs member :p

I pass you quite a lot around marldon hill in the mornings, you're usually on the way down I'm going up, black X reg mk1 172 with front splitter :)