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172 cup vs Mk2 V6 in the twisties/track

  Nissan 350Z
Assuming equal drivers (i.e. good drivers), the V6 IMHO. In the hands of someone less skilled, the cup.

End of the day, the V6 has a big power and torque advantage, and rear wheel drive handling, which when mastered is possibly the way to go.

Along a back road though, TBH there wont be much in it.
  Renault Laguna Coupe
Go to a Renaultsport trackday and ask Jeremy if you can have a few passenger laps in his Vee. In the hands of a decent driver it's awesome.


ClioSport Club Member
I've got some footage I'm editing at the moment of me chasing Jeremy at Brands Hatch last Monday - sadly we barely had a full lap before he cooled and went off.

Down the straight he'd pull a little, but whatever he took from me I could more than take back on the brakes.
  tiTTy & SV650
yeah put a racing driver in the v6 and then in the 172 / 182 and his v6 lap will be quicker. There's just a lot of people who buy RWD without really knowing how to use it IMO.

I'm no RWD god, far from it but I'll build up to it one day lol
  tiTTy & SV650
like for like RWD is quicker than FWD cause RWD doesn't inherently want to understeer so they're helping you round the track lol
  Lionel Richie
also depends on which circuit

round brands hatch the cup would win

round Spa for example the V6 would leave the cup
  Fiat Coupe 20v turbo
As above depends on the track...round Anglesey the vee would have no chance round the ring however....
Most people IMO would get the Cup round a track/.road faster than the V6. Infat only certain tracks would give the V6 advantages.
  Clio v6
There are a few of V6 owners who can handle the car well enough to out maneuver the nimble little 172 Cup. If it was possible to put myself in both cars, I would win in the V6.
  MKIII 138
i guess if you asked the question which would be faster a higher percentage of the time with varying conditions and drivers then the answer would be a cup
  172 Cup
I'm with Meggerman on that. All the reviews I've read/heard have suggested that the V6 is difficult to handle in the corners, you gotta brake in a straight line and turn in is not gonna be as efficient as the Cup. But the higher amounts of torque from the V6 is of course gonna recuperate some on the straights.

I think a lot of people assume the V6 is faster in all conditions but I'm not convinced it's as cut-and-dry as that.
  clio v6
Twisty bumpy country lane i would take the cup its got better suspension setup the vee aint to good over bumps in standard trim and show it a decent yump and it will fire the back end into the sky.

any track i would take the vee over any STANDARD clio ever built even anglesey the vee will always keep up with other standard clios and on most tracks will pull away.