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172 cup washed finally

  Renault Clio 172 cup
eventually got the cup washed and polished and photod just in time for the sun going down:cool: more to come soon....


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  Renault Clio 172 cup
cheers for all the positive replies!:D yes its a k-tec recessed exhaust but not the supersport so its not too loud. considering getting the centre caps dun but dunno wat thinkin if i do them black then i risk it getting the "missing hubcap" look from a distance :p also fancy a 3/4 number plate for the front so if anyone knows where i could get one it wud be appreciated?;)
  White Sti Hatch
Not to shabby mate will have to meet you at some point show you my new toy :rasp:

Dont think ive seen you on the road once in this thing btw !