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172 Engine Problems!

Hi guys,

Wondering if anyone has any input on this...

My beloved 172 is currently in the garage because of a nasty engine noise somewhere in the depths of the lump. Im wondering whether anyone has experienced any problems with cam belts (the car has only done 18,000 miles!!) as this is what the garage thinks might be wrong. Doesn’t seem right to me, especially as the sound was more metallic.

Frankly I’m worried that the garage can’t find the problem, and so are guessing that replacing the belt might solve it (at my vast expense, as warranty doesn’t cover this I imagine).

Yours confusedly :confused:

  172 sport,

has to be covered under the warrantee provided it was serviced before 12000 miles they aint got no argument dont quote me on this but im sure the cambelt aint due till 72000 miles , having said that the only time ive heard one making a banging sound is when they break and by that time the damage is allready done

Yep, it was serviced by the main dealer (where it has gone now for repair) at 12,000miles. They actually told me it should be serviced at 18k, but I wanted it done at 12k.

They are currently still trying to find out what the problem is, doing exploratory work in the engine. Hopefully Renault will pay for some/all of it!?

The following might be unrelated to your problem but worth knowing. If you car was post 16 October 2000 or has extended warranty then you should have no warranty problems.

I have a Mk1 and had cam belt, pulleys & rollers replaced under my extended warranty at about 8k miles. This was due to a loud rumbling noise they were making. The noise wasnt there from new.

Apparantly the noise was not serious (it didnt sound good) but there is a Renault tech note to correct the noise by replacing loads of bits. I only found this out by seeing the tech note on Yahoo groups(cliosport172). The garage just told me not to drive the car as it sounded bad and did all the work. The list of parts they replaced was identical to that on the tech note. On the note there is a list of affected car chasis numbers.

Without knowing how bad yours sounds this could be related.

Good luck !


  Shiny red R32


Perhaps it might be helpful to Stace if you could scan / copy and paste the tech note!

On the face of it, this sounds like exactly the same problem. Can you tell me where I can get this tech note. Would be good to get it tomorrow and maybe itll help speed things up at the garage.

I appreciate any help you can give me with this.



Hi stace,

as u saw from my problem before they thought it was the heat shield... well its just gone back in with the same noise... mine has done the same mileage and i got really mad with the dealers and sent them quite a nasty letter... its been picked back up and ive got a crappy meganne again...

Hope ur prob gets sorted too


if you post your mail or Private message me with it I will mail you the note to save you signing up to Yahoo groups.

Ive found it, thanks Jonathan. Ill go armed with this to the garage as its exactly what seems to be wrong.

Nice to know some people out there are still helpful. Thanks mate.

:) Stace

This was the problem. Renault has agreed to pay for 80% of the work, so I suppose thats pretty good!

Just want my car back now, fault free (fingers crossed).

Thanks for all your help guys.