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  Mk1 16v brooklands
So here's my daily driver, I picked it up from beanie in mid December and what a cracking little car it is! Totally bog standard when I picked it up. Not looking to mod the tits out of it just make it my own.

Here's what it was like when I picked it up


Today I decided to lower it and fit the wind deflectors... Just to start

Sits better now

Cleaned the throttle body as it was gunned to high heaven


Still got loads more to fit was just very hungover from lastnight so will leave tr rest until next weekend :)
  Mk1 16v brooklands
Yeah I've heard only gonna be on there 2 months max. Can't afford coilovers as I just bought
Matched inlets
Air filter
Idle valve
Full magnex cat back system
Rs tuner
And loads of other little bits