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172 Front Passenger Seat

Evening All!

Recently joined ClioSport (although I have been enjoying the banter for a few months now), and took delivery of a new 172 last Monday.

I have noticed thanks to our local councils expert highway maintenance programme, that the base of the passenger seat has a really annoying rattle, but cant appear to locate it no matter where I look - difficult when driving!

Has anybody else experienced this, and if so, is there an easy cure? At the moment I just turn the radio up!

Go easy on me as this is my 1st post, and judging from some of the comments previously made, I must be the Clio equivalent of the devil having just sold a Saxo to buy the Clio, and still owning a Nova!


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Ill sell you a rattle if thats what you want Mr bob !!;)

Mothercare do a nice line in rattles as well !! :devilish:

mine does it too, think there are other posts about it on here, reno have lubed mine and seems ok(for now) and its going in for a new exhaust to cure the 4k buzz/rattle tomorrow

Christ - Hope its not the dreaded 4k rattle arriving 3.9k early!

Exhaust is fine (for now), but seat base is definitely moving. It is located properly on the runners and isnt in-between adjustment positions.

Dont relish the thought of it having to go back so early on.



Picked mine up last Wednesday. It also started to rattle today. It only seems to do it when its as far back as it can go. All my mates are over 6 foot!!!
  Clio 1.6 16V

Got new seat runner assembly fitted under warranty. Problem now gone for good ....thank goodness!! Was driving me nuts. There was also a recall on the seatbelt mountings bolts which were supposed to be the wrong length on som cars also causing a rattle.


Quote: Originally posted by IanH on 10 March 2003

Christ - Hope its not the dreaded 4k rattle arriving 3.9k early!

Mine started at a little under 1000 miles and is getting slowly louder! Ill wait until its blatent before taking it to Renault.

BTW I thought the 4k rattle was an exhaust rattle - i.e. the centre section. From what you were saying it sounds like an internal seat frame rattle??

I cant hear mine inside the car (although the passenger seay headrest rattles around in position)

Have I got it all wrong??


Could it be the cd changer cos I got a cup and dont have this noise. I dont 3.5K now and is still sweet???

Quote: Originally posted by Cupster on 10 March 2003

Could it be the cd changer cos I got a cup and dont have this noise. I dont 3.5K now and is still sweet???
the buzz is the exhaust for deffinate, and as for 3.5k mine didnt start til just over 8 done just under 9 now and its gettin swapped tomorrow, the seat is a different noise, more like it clunking or rattling on the seat rails

Definitely not the exhaust or CD changer (havent got one!). 172 Loony described it perfectly - sounds like a clunking on the seat rails. May well be the seat runner assemby as suggested by Flying Scotsman. Will check it out first and if I cant fix it by using brute force and ignorance, will have to resort to paying a visit to the dealer.

Thanks for all your help!

well if my seat noise comes back ill be pestering the dealer to change the seat rails or seat base cuz thats what the warranty is for, ill be buggered if im putting my hand in my pocket to replace anything i havnt broken myself
  Clio 1.6 16V

IanH, I found I could easily recreate the noise whilst stationary if you dunted the back of your seat with your hand. Also chattering noise always disappeared when a passenger sat in the seat. My driver seat makes the same noise when tested, but obviously never a problem unless youre a back seat driver ;)

yup if push against the back of the seat towards the top and sort of wiggle it you can get it to do it, obviously several stone of passenger stops this. i hate rattles and squeaks in a car its frustrating and bloody annoying:mad:

Flying Scotsman,

Sounds like identical problem - Noise disappears when passenger sitting in seat. Will try recreating the noise when stationery so that car doesnt get a ragging from main dealer mechanics if I have to take it in - bit over-protective of it (Well it is only a week old!!).

hate to upset everyone but i work in a main dealer and the car will have a pdi (pre delivery inspection) before you pick it up so will have the tits ragged off it probably from cold by someone before you even pick it up. unfortunately its just one of those things



lol Ian. Those are my thoughts also. Im not even up to 300 miles yet and the passenger seat is knocking in the runner nearest the handbrake. Its not doing it all the time, so Im going to put up with it a little longer, so at least when I take it in to get it fixed Ill have run the engine in.

My Cup has the same problem new from last week it is going in to the dealers to get sorted. Along with one of the rear discs the pad is not applying fully. Glad i am not the only one to experience this seat problem. Come on Renault sort out your quality control!!!!!

Had a quick look tonight - looks like the two nuts that secure the seat frame at the front may require further tightening as there is a small amount of play and a slight rocking motion when you push down on the front of the squab. Will have to remove plastic trim panels at the base of the seat to gain further access, but hope that this will solve it!

172 Loony - Arse!!!
  Clio 1.6 16V

The problem is not just with 172s. Just took out our new 1.6 16V dyn for the first time this afternoon .....16 miles on the clock......guess what ......the friggin passenger seat rattles in its runners ......AAAGGGGGGHHHHH!

Not you! - The fact that its probably been ragged already from cold!

May explain why the inside of the wheels looked like the car had done 100 miles when I picked it up from the dealers, rather than the 10 miles that were actually showing on the clocks!

when i listed my rattles that renault hadnt cured the guy at the service desk said "well it is a clio" what the f#ck i mean that is not what someone supposedly proffesional should say, even tho the car may not cost 20 grand plus it is no excuse for rattles after 8500 miles and less than a year of ownership

Thats way out of order.

Havent tested the local dealers service desk yet, so will reserve judgement for now, but hope I get someone with a bit more proffessionalism.

As you say, shouldnt matter that the car didnt cost 20 grand - its still a major investment for most people.

especially on what i get paid, have to make sacrifices elsewhere to cover it so like you say its still a big investment for most people on here and to have the lack of sympathy about what to most is their pride and joy is pretty annoying

Totally agree with what youre saying.

Taking the car back to have any form of work done to it (warranty or otherwise) is probably the aspect of new car ownership that I am most concerned about, probably because once you hand the keys over there is always a little bit of un-certainty about how the thing is being treated.

As enthusiasts, a car tends to be something more than just a method of getting from A to B, and not being able to oversee exactly what is being done and perhaps more importantly how its being done is worrying (which is why Ill fix it if I can as long as its a relatively simple problem).

Dont want to upset any technicians that may be on line, but have had bad experiences in the past, not necessarily from Renault.

other problem with the faster models in a range is there is a tendancy for the techs to "play" on road test used to worry when getting my gtturbo serviced too, when they service family cars or 1.2s all day they are bound to thrash somethin with a bit more poke

I think its a problem with all (new?) renaults then, because my mums Megane Convertible passenger seats is a noisey f**ker!

I have started this post twice now as my passenger seat rattles like f***. Very annoying & been back to Renault for the runners to be changed & still same. It deffo aint exhaust as when you put force on the seat driving along it stops !!! If anyone can solve this I will buy em a drink !!


  Audi TT Stronic

Quote: Originally posted by Squirt 172 on 12 March 2003

I have started this post twice now as my passenger seat rattles like f***. Very annoying & been back to Renault for the runners to be changed & still same. It deffo aint exhaust as when you put force on the seat driving along it stops !!! If anyone can solve this I will buy em a drink !!

*removes passenger seat from squirts 172*

wheres my beer man ?

Took the car out today over some severely rutted roads (plenty of choice round here) - not one noise from the seat, bloody typical!!!

Will have to keep my eye on it.



I paid a visit to my local dealer this morning and had them take a look at it. The service manager called me over and said that its not too bad, it rattles a lot less than their courtesy cars!!! And!!! He also said the drivers seat does the same, but I dont notice that as Im sat in it. I got out and showed him how it doesnt. He agreed, and has booked me in for new runners in 3 weeks time.

The look on the women in the service departments face was mildly amusing. "And how old is the car?"

"About a week"


I think she was expecting it to be a little older than that. Until its fixed has anyone got a sandbag I can use to stop it rattling :D
  V6 255, 172's, JCW,

I,ve also had rattley pass seat, and rear speakers, and complete power stearing system, and today just new mid section exhaust (4k thing). Slso just booked in for warrantee paint job on blisters under the bonnet edge. GREAT!!