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172 help!! Is this wiring for climate control?? Seriously confused!!

  Clio 172
Hi everyone!

I’m seriously confused here!

I have a 2003 172 which when I bought it had had the AC delete done, and as far as I can see has had just the heater/climate controls removed. I want to have a heater again so thought it looked like just plugging in the control panel again...

Anyway, I’ve bought a climate control panel but can’t seem to find one of the plugs? (The green plug!) to make it work.

Am I right in thinking it can only be this type of control panel or the cable type? I’m assuming mine isn’t cable as there’s no cables?!

I hope this makes sense and we can sort it out besides it’s driving me mad!


  • 690E5569-7F14-4AB4-A5FE-A04DF4EBE388.jpeg
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  Clio 172
I definitely can’t see that green plug anywhere, do you know what direction it would come from so I can try and trace it back? Thanks


ClioSport Club Member
Sorry I cant help you with that, not with car right now to have a look. I dont think it would be hiding there isnt that much under there. Perhaps the previous owner removed it, might be a different dash loom in there.
  Clio 172
Thanks for your help mate, hopefully someone else can shine some light! Why someone would remove just half of the heater system is beyond me... 🤦


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio Mk2 Ph1 172
The 3 in pic 4 are radio connectors. The green socket and the black/yellow plug connect to the heater actuators (the loom ZacB posted).
I don't remember the 2way white connector?