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172 help!

  Clio 172/Clio 16v hybrid
hi there i have a few little problems with my 172 that are just starting to annoy me now and id like some help please!!

1.) The climate control is very erratic - sometimes it will not blow cold at all once the car is warm. I am told the climate control sensor is the most likely cause??

2.) The exhaust knocks and vibrates a lot - Ive been under the car and looked at the rear mount and the mount itself seems ok, but the bubber 'X' inside has perished away. Is it possible to replace this part only??

3.) There is a knock when going over speedhumps etc. Also (i think its related) sometimes the steering seems 'jumpy' when sometimes turningright. Fells like nothing happens for a second then car 'kicks' across the road. Steering rack? Drop links? Help!

Thanks everyone for any help!!
We need a bit more time to reply.
Climate control is probaly a broken rehostat.

Yep rear X is a part from Halfords etc.

gte the tracking checked might be a few things ball joint etc.