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172 mk 2 sidelights

How can I tell if my sidelights are on ? :D

I mean, I dont get any indication on the dashboard like I did in my valver. Do I have a blown bulb, or is there just no indication ?



Thats not by design though is it?? There definatley is no dash indication. just the first turn on the stalk. I thought the dimming on the dash board was a renault flaw.
  VW Potato

what is a bit silly is the location of the light switch. Twice now at night when indicating to turn right, I have flicked my lights off accidentally. Its too easy to do - something as vital to safety as lights should be on a separate switch which needs a determined effort to activate/deactivate.


Theres no indication on the dash directly, but the dash does become back-lit when the side-lights are on.