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172 mk1 a/c problems

Well back in March I turned my AC on for the first time since last summer.

And guess what it didnt work...

Im booked in for a 24k service & to fix the AC & of course exhaust again. And i was wondering has anybody else AC just stopped working?? And if so how did they fix it?
  320d M Sport

No, although on my Mk2 if I park up somewhere Im sure a pool of water comes from the AC??? Anyone else had this??

  Renault Laguna Coupe

If you dont use your a/c regularly - i.e. at least once a week it will pack up. Says so in the manual and it happened to me on each of the last 3 Vauxhalls I had. Use it or lose it!

On a humid day the a/c pulls moisture out of the air and dribbles it out under the engine. I was watching this while my car was up on the ramps having the wheel alignment checked. It really is a lot of water!
  320d M Sport

Is it anything to worry about Mike? I noticed it when i parked up at midnight, got to my car about 8am and had a pool of water there??? This a problem or not?????

  CTR EK9 turbo

No, loads of cars dribble the water from the A/C - not a problem. Lived in america for a while and all the cars out there had A/C and they used to dribble! You should use your A/C regularly to keep all the workings lubed etc. I turn it on only for a small amount of time pretty much every week, but not when im wanting to save fuel or toast someone!
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Agree - I leave my a/c on 24/7 (except in the circumstances that Simon describes of course!). The water that the a/c extracts from the air has to go somewhere, and being a Renault they thought it may as well just dribble out behind the engine. I often find a puddle on the garage floor in the morning.

My Mk1 A/C packed up. Wouldnt engage at all due to lack of gas. The drier had sprung a leak (the cylindrical object on one of the AC pipes on the LHS of the engine bay).

Replaced & gassed under extended warranty, now working ok.