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172 MKII - 17’s or 18’s

Im sure this question has been asked thousands of times but ill ask it again. What size wheels and tyres would people recommend putting on a MKII 172?
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Lots of peeps have done 17s - have a look in the gallery. The tyre fitment guide (look under Styling on the home-page main menu) gives info on tyre sizes. Dont think anyones done 18s on a MkII 172 yet.

I wouldnt do the wheels (particularly 18s) until youve had it lowered though, or itll end up looking a bit high.
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There is one MKII in the gallery with 18s on and that is Patrik Heerens (spelling?) from Holland who has also had it lowered 40mm all round. He says it rubs on full lock and with a small amount of weight in the back. One reason I decided to go for a 30mm drop and 17s.

Ive got 17s on my mark 2 and its lowered, i think this is enough for me, because theres nothing worse than banging and rubbing when going over bumps and potholes,(this is my opinion)
  172 sport,

18"s will go on but you have to have the rear subframe moved over a bit and slightly modded this is why i got 17"s only rubs when i go over speed ramps
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Or of course you could leave it as standard and be totally unique?

I wonder if 21s will go on mine.

Mine is in the gallery (Nick Kershaw), it wasnt lowered when the photo was taken, but it is a lot lower now (which is nice!)

FAO Geoff

Patrik Heerens 172 has 6 spoke rims and are they made by ACE. If so do you know what type they are.


  7.6cc :D

Well ive got 17"s on, not lowered (yet) and it still rubs on the wheel liner when full lock left!!!

*whisper* if you turn the stereo up, you cant here it

NICKKERSH How much have you lowered your car by now and have you any pics of it now. If so could you send one to
  Silver Fabia vRS

rg172 - Those alloys Patrik has are made by a company called Panther (aka PCW) and I think they are the 210s as I looked at the before deciding on the 5 spoke ACE 197s I have on mine.
  7.6cc :D

I dont know GR....the liner on the left arch was sticking out a bit, so my dads pushed it in a bit and its fine now.