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172 Motorway Torque

  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

I have recently been driving up and down from London to North Wales and tend to find after I have been driving the car for a good couple of hundred miles on the motorway, varying speed from 60 accelerating to 70, 80 over and over, the car seems to become incredibly torquey. Not sure if is my imagination getting the better of me but the car feels greeeaatttt to drive and I know I have made the right choice in buying it.

Spiel Over.


Yep I agree I spend a reasonable ammount of time on the motorway and 5th gear is a dream in the 172 taking me from a plodding 50 to silly speeds without the need to change down. Droping a cog will amaze most drivers that have spend too long dawdling and finally drop in to let me past after anoying me. The other great asset is the ability to join from a slip road at pace and slot in to the fast lane.

A great car for the open highway, some may say a little bumpy for distance but I would sacrifice comfort for sheer smile factor in a trice.

Love my 172 :)

  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

i totally agree with what you have said too, i can understand how some people would say it is a little too bumpy for long distance journeys but the sheer volume of fun and excitement the car gives makes it well worth having. I love the overtaking ability it has without having to change from 5th, absoulute birlliance. I also find sometimes when pushing it really hard on the motorway that the engine can sometimes develop a fantastic growling noise when accelerating.



I thought exactly the same earlier. Sometimes you can plant it on the motorway and not a lot happens, other times a gentle press of the pedal and its off like a shot.

Ive just driven from the Midlands to Heathrow and back. Its fantastic on the motorway. Easily capable of the manufactures suggested top speed too. :eek: Allegedly.

I didnt find the ride too hard at all. And neither did my two passengers on the way back. The cases were a tight fit, but my 6 foot four mate was fine in the front, and the guy in the back had plenty of room even though he was accompanied by the parcel shelf :)

Not only is the car fun off the motorway, its totally practical on it.

1400 miles and loosening up nicely.