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172 noise from near side front


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio Sport 172
Hi everyone,

New to, never used a forum like this before so bear with me if I have posted this in the wrong place.

Bought a 2001 172 in Feb and have been busy changing lots of parts, brakes,wheel bearings, engine mounts,suspension and wishbones etc. All genuine standard bits and fitted by my mate who works for Renault. Cam belt and dephaser were changed in September 2018 receipt provided by previous owner. Loads of history since the car was new and every MOT.

Clutch was changed 3 weeks ago, Valeo clutch kit, as I thought the release bearing was making a noise. Seems to have come back already. When I press the clutch in it sometimes makes a slight noise, this goes away when engine is warmed up. When clutch released at low speeds seems to make a whirring and scraping type sound when accelerating slowly, but goes away when I ease off, coast in neutral or push the clutch in. At higher speeds I can't hear it as the car is nice and noisy. Just wondering if this could be the release bearing again or a gearbox issue. I tried to record the noise but my phone is useless.

Car drives and handles really well and revs easily. No radio in the car yet so I can hear every little noise. Any advice/help would be great.