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172 Owners!

  Astra 1.9cdti XP

I have noticed that a lot of 172 owners are becoming ex-172 owners as many people seem to be selling their Clio 172s. So the question is "Are you still happy with your 172?"

I was thinking about this and looked at all the options I had (what I could realisically afford). CTR, Leon Cupra R, Focus RS, Cooper S etc. And yes I would probably like to own them all....but I wouldnt sell what I already have to get one. I am perfectly happy with what I have. Most people complain about the dealers but from my experience all dealers are pretty bad (apart from the likes of BMW etc). When I had my Saxo the dealer were poor and when my dad had Fords the dealers were even worse.

I havent really had any problems with may car though the drivers side screenwash nozzle has for some reason reduced to a trickle lately!! But I will get it fixed so its not a problem!

Whats everyone elses opinion? Are you wanting to sell?
  7.6cc :D

Im happy with mine!

Id obviously prefer a Ferrari etc. but the 172 is by far the best car i can afford within my price range. :)

Youll find that the people who tend to buy new cars will change them within a few years. Dont worry - there will be loads of potential Cliosport members out there snapping them up! Look at all us Valver/Williams owners!

I sold my 172 and really wish I hadnt. I should have appreciated it more when I had a chance. Anyway, look what happened.....I defected to Peugeot and have just ended up getting a Williams after 7 short weeks of uncomfortable Pug ownership. Keep your 172. its a great car.

  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

My last car was a Clio and I knew I wanted a 172 from the first day I saw a Sunflower Yellow one on the dealer floor in 2000.

For the money there were many other cars I could have considered from Golf 4 GTi 1.8T, to 156 2.5 to BMW E46 318 to an E36 M3 if I felt so inclined but I like small cars and i like fast cars, and when I was growin up the Golf Gti (2.0 16V) was my car of choice (Id never even heard of a 205 gti until I saw these forums) but today the Golf is all grown up and the 172 is the best pocket rocket on the market (and no the Mini doesnt count). I have my 172 now and Im not going to change it. Im afraid ClioSport is stuck with me!
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Totally happy with mine - especially this time of year (cold, dark, wet - just want to get home) when most performance cars are such a pain. Looking forward to a spring and summer of trackdays, quarter miles and great days out.

Must get around to washing it :confused:

I wanted a 172 since the first test drive I saw on Top Gear and Ive had mine since early December 02 and I love it, I did get down about it when I saw so many gripes on here, and began to think what have I bought?, but in truth Ive had one problem which was delt with by the dealer with no hassles. I have no intention of selling my car, even traffic jams are a pleasure to sit in!!!!!


  Audi TT Stronic

Totally happy with my purchase, dont plan on changing the car for another 3-4 years :D
  Focus ST3 + proper Mini

Ive just become the proud owner of a 172 MK1. :D

Wot a drive, Ive just got rid of a volvo S40 2.0l and can happly say I aint getting shot of this one..
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

Still love my car, well mannered below 5000rpm, a real beast above. Has all the toys I wanted, and good value for money. I do look at CTRs and leon Cupra Rs and think should I have bought one of those, then I clean and polish my car and go out for a blast and realise that this is the best value performance car around and is loads of fun. Just needs 17s as standard and it would be perfect.

Problems, other than it being keyed down one side (£400 repair) alarm playing up, (Sigma cat1) and a lost headlight washer ball, nothing to complain about.

Will have owned my car 6 months tomorrow.

Love mine

Few minor problems - ie washer jet balls and a broken ecu bracket but once i hit 4500rpm all that seems to fade away. VERY VERY VERY QUICKLEY.

It always puts a smile on my face

The car never fails to give me a real buzz - the only problem with it is that it needs a hard run to get it performing at its best. At least mine does!


yeah i love mine it a real head turner! seen a few people pause as there walking past and have a look at it! (well there probably theifs) but its a good feeling!

Totaly satisfied!!!!!

I love my 172 but have scared myself in it on a number of occasions!! Think I am gonna concentrate on having the thing running like a beauty and looking flawless instead of more modifications.

I love it! Cant beat it for value for money. Mines loosened up nicely now (7k) & I would change it - not even for a cup! Trouble is I like my creature comforts. ;)
  Alfa Mito 155TB

Driving a 172 is sooo satisfying, especially when annoying BMW 316, 318 and 320 drivers come flying up behind on the motorway...dropping down to 4th and hurting forwards into the scenery leaving them behind is special...quite often I slow back down again to taunt them , then speed up again and disappear!!