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172 ph1 stupidest question ever asked on cliosport

  M135i, 118 coupe
Hi guys the drivers side headlights on my 172 ph1 have gone, any particular bulb needed do you have to take the engine out to get to the damn thing! Lol
  Titanium 182
You need to remove the front bumper + slam panel and yes the engine.

Actually you just need small hands :rasp:
  Iceberg Ph1
Fiddly indeed but possible, but I have womenly hands haha..
Pretty simples really, unplug the cable from the lower part of the bulb (the bulb you need is a HB4 iirc, these are 'L' Shaped) twist the bulb and it will pop out.. Proper pain but like I say.. Do-able..ish

Wear latex gloves if you can! Grips better and saves your hands from scars a tad more then bare hands :rasp: