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172 pollen filter

hi there guys i am going to change my pollen filter any ideas where i can get this from at a good price rather than renault? what is the renault price anyway? also how do you replace them in the 172's mine is a mark 2 a detailed how to guide would be excellent cheers thanks again
  Lionel Richie
pull off drivers side scuttle pannel, remove small 6mm bolt, pull out old one, wack in new one, job done

they're about £11 from renault
sounds easy thanks mate could you please tell me where this panel is and picks please if possible not best mechanic in the world lol
what do you use to get this panel off mate and special hex nut on the bloody thing what is behind this panel mate? cheers
what is the thread type on the 6mm hex or something none standard phillips he he and that is mate it comes out and you out the new one in? ace!!! why do renault want to 40 to do this then?????????
  Audi A4
i want to change mine also, do I have to take the window wipers off to remove the panel or can I get to the filter by just lifting it up.

i poped mine off...ahem...

and had a wee look at it...renault wanted 40 odd quid to fit etc in my service...i told them to die (in so many words)

in the end the smell got worse and i had to had to have a wee look at it...

just hoover it a wee bit..wee bit of perfume and your car will be smelling like a brothel again..
another question guys is the pollen filter exactly the same if say taken from an 03 reg clio not a 172 cheers guys trying to grab one cheap if i can
dont know mate it says every couple of years i think by renault...does anyone know the above question please cheers