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172 Question

  Golf GTi DSG

Has anyone fitted an aftermarket MD player to there 172?

Does it need an adaptor to fit in the dash or is it standard single din?

Can you get an adaptor for display at top?

I dont have a 172 but looking into buying one, just wanted to know whether my current single DIN sony md would work in it!
  Golf GTi DSG

As Queens of the stone age would say, no-one knows?
Someone must know! Theres 5 k jillion 172s on here and no-one knows???

Yes you can fit an aftermarket MD unit. It is single DIN and for some makes you can get an adaptor for the display (Sony is the only one I definatly know of)

This is something im going to do (once I get paid)

Itll be Sony as I have the head-unit from previous car and ill be getting an adapter that will allow the steering remote and the display to continue to work. Im going to have to replace me 10cd-changer with a smaller 6cd mp3cd changer so it will still sit under the passender seat.

If you do this let me know how you get on. Apparently autoleads and connects2uk both offer leads, but the autoleads requires the removal of the dash (which i might do to upgrade the tweeters - any suggestions?)