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172 Questions!!!!!!

ok here goes

Are fitting spark plugs for the 172 different to other rens. Also there platinmum type plugs how much are they? something about inlet manifold?

I need some new front discs and pads ren quoted me £190

should i get aftermarket ones? If so which they say they last 72k miles i dont know.

any help cheers

i meant the plugs not discs.

Do the drilled discs u can get not just act like a cheese grater?

Ktec do some with green stuff pads. Any good?

LOL, some hurried questions!

The spark plugs do not need t be replaced unless damaged, they are long life precious metal plugs and expensive. The inlet manifold needs to be taken off to get the plugs out, so dont replace them with crappy non OE plugs.

The plugs are 16.85 ex VAT each...

The pads are 40 quid and each disc is 71 quid....

well, youll have to go and look about, but depensding on your choice, they can be cheaper or more expensive. But usually cheaper.

Up to you mate.

Ktec have some for 175 incl Vat but i was wondering about cross drilled any good? any 1 got some + green stuff pads thx

wont make any mojor diff, cross drilled discs are there to help stay cool thats all, if you need it it can help, it also stop pad float due to gas build up.

They do tend to crack easier though.

Not a fan of greenstuff, i find they are crap.......

i like MIntex 1144 pads and plain discs.

I use maxtorque discs.

Tarox is good but SOOOO expensive and really not worth the money they cost, they are not that much better. Pagid are fappin good, soo if you can find some of them.