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172 rear brake

  clio RS 2.0 ph1
Hi guys,

I think that the rear brake is one of the weakest point of Clio.
Especially the rear brake discs are available solid type only.
All Japanese vehicles like honda, sybaru and mitsubishi have rear brake of vented discs.
Why Clio's rear discs are such thin solid?

Does someone know how to manage to anti-heat the rear brake?


South Central- West Berks
ClioSport Area Rep
Not the weakest point. Rear brakes don't do much of the braking effort so no point using anything other than oem discs.
  Lots of Alfas
As mentioned the rears do not do much, on larger heavier cars they do a lot more. There is not much weight over the back of a Clio. Strong rear brakes could ruin the handling.
  clio RS 2.0 ph1
Thank you for many replies.

I attached AP RACING Brake Proportioning Valves and I've driven at the 7th position( front:73%) for a month.
Last night, I changed the position to the 6th(front:66%), then handling was refined !
But the rear brake faded along long down hill road.

Does anyone experience like that?
  clio RS 2.0 ph1
What is different between standard 172 and Cup around rear brake ?
There are no structual difference around rear brake.
I can change the brake disc , caliper and pad.

Nevertheless, you say the Cup are better than standard 172 ?
  Lionel Richie
no, the cup rear brakes don't do anything, mechanically they're the same, apart from the master cylinder and bias set up
  clio RS 2.0 ph1
Oh I'm sorry but I removed the master cylinder from my 172.

Today I find the Yozza Sports' report about clio's brake.
They recommend to change the brake hose and dot 5.1 oil.
I will try to do their recommendation.

Thanks a lot for everyone to reply to me.