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172 Revving Straight Past 4k When Turning Engine On!!!

  Clio 172
Changed my ht leads today , put everything back on and in place and as soon as i turned the engine on straight away the car revved just past 4k , anybody had this before , all the sensors are plugged back in and in right ive also cleaned the throttle body , very stuck on what to look at next
  182/RS2/ Turbo/Mk1
Sounds like you have left the servo pipe off or not sealed the inlet properly when bolting it down or something of that nature as to rev up that far it needs airflow, so check the TB is closing properly and if it is then you know you have a leak.

Also, where did you put the MAF you replaced, as these cars dont have one? lol
  182/RS2/ Turbo/Mk1
for 4k, the leak should be pretty obvious TBH, thats a lot of extra airflow.

Try putting taking off the intake hose to the throttle body, and putting your hand over the mouth of the TB, then you should really be able to hear where the air is getting in from.
  SEAT Ibiza SC FR
You have plugged the throttle body in properly right? Not accusing you, just I've done that before.
Chips idea is best. Although firstly check all associated pipework etc carvon canister acoustic valve brake servo and also the little rubber seal on the bottom rear if the plenum is another possibility