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172 Standard Exhaust????

  CLIO172, BMW3, 3061.
One final quick question for the evening lol

how does the 172 back box differ from the 1.2, 1.4 or 1.6 back box?

Plus does anyone know where i can order a standard 172 back box online?

  vers le haut doigt milieu
If you had a Cat back put on as you said in another thread ur car may also be missing the centre section so you may need everything from the catalytic converter to the back box replaced. The previous owner may of changed the pipe to 2.5 inches, I'm not 100% but you may not be able to connect the two pipes. If you want it quite as a mouse where all you can hear at 5k is the belt whine, then its a new Renault exhaust system you want. However if you want the nice raspy sound and none of the boy racer imagery then get a ktec stealth.
  vers le haut doigt milieu
Just for interest what are you going for? Don't quote me 100% on if a Renault back box will fit on an after market 2.5" stainless steel system. Do you know what make the exhaust you have on at the moment is? I have a powerflow system cat back, with the largest centre sections and back boxes possible. Its still loud! I had no centre section for a while and that was crazy loud. I have heard a Clio with a ktec stealth and it does sound quieter.