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172 Standard Speakers

How good are the standard speakers in the MKII 172s ? The reason I ask is I seem to have a problem with my rear right speaker. It vibrates on certain tracks on any volume over 16 and then is fine for other tracks right up to 22. Anybody else have problems with their speakers ? It seems as tho the speaker cover is rattling more than the actual speaker.

I may try a homemade solution then to try and stop it vibrating, if I can sort it out without it looking messy then I will do that. Annoying tho because I have to play the music lower to stop it from happening. The speakers do seem to be pretty good tho when the covers dont rattle.

Ive got the same problem as well..
It sounds crap.. Ive not tried any home made soloutions I might just upgrade my speakers
  Silver Fabia vRS

I got some sticky foam padding which is about 3mm thick, and basically chopped it to fit round the edges of where the pastic cover meets the plastic of where the speaker is a goodun!

With my 3 way speakers and upgraded head unit I have no rattles or vibrations.

That sounds like the kiddy there geoff ! Got any pics of the job you did, would be interested to see how it looks.

Also, would anybody be able to post some pics of their headunits that they have had fitted instead of the standard one ? I want to install an MD and CD Changer, seems such a waste since it already has a CD Changer but I should be able to sell that ? I need an MD player in the car.
  Silver Fabia vRS

Daipac - Whats your email addy? Ill get some of my compete install so you can have a look. Let me know if you have Broadband or 56k too.

Nice one geoff, if you send it to me at home then I have broadband installed so the size of the pics will not matter then ! My home addy is, if you send it to this address I will pick it up after work.

Cheers mate !


Hey Geoff! Please send me the pics to"> The speaker cover rattle is driving me nuts.

Thanks in advance.:D