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172 steering wheel


The trouble is the airbag - make sure the one off your 1.2 is the same as the 172 - the airbag ecu may be a different part number as well so it may not be compatible. It could result in the airbag fitting ok but the airbag warning light flashing and the airbag system being disabled - so be careful

Sorry to hijack your thread but would a Mk2 172 steering wheel fit a Mk1 172?

Mines pretty cut up due to the previous owner wearing rings :(
  One with a few more

yeh, thats why i need a new wheel!!! and whats with scratches people leave on the steering column from missing the ignition?!
  One with a few more

would the part number be on it? i only ever seen an airbag open when my boyfriend crashed my old clio, so i dont really know what ill be looking for