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172 Throttle Bodies

  Williams Hybrid
Hello all.

I am looking into getting throttle bodies for the 172 engine I have going into my mk1 valver. Anybody have any suggestions where the cheapest place to get them is? ATpower are 2200 for a complete kit.


AT's make me gag. cheapest isn't best, if you're being a tightwad, look out for second hand Jenveys
  Trafic 140dci
Lewistaylor is selling a set on here with the ecu, worth a look!
Thanks for mentioning me :)

Basically as Dan said i have a set of Jenveys for sale, your best reading the following link for more info. But for £2250 i'll include my catcam 421'd engine that my ecu is mapped to. So for £50 more you'll get a cammed engine too, better ITB's as 519 would say, and 212.5 bhp & 179.9ftlb of torque ;)
Lewis' set every single day of the week

I'd always have Jenveys over AT stuff.
Lewis' engine and bodies set is the cheapest way to 200bhp+ without a shadow of a doubt - absolute bargain