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172 track car, losing throttle and car going into limp mode - HELP

Did the first track days last weekend at Croft in my caged/ stripped out 172 Cup. All was OK with my car but my pal was having problems with his so we started swapping bits over off mine onto his to try and sort his out. Now nothing we changed over worked, from fuel pump, throttle pedal, throttle body, coilpack, leads etc etc.

Now once evrything was put back onto my car it started to develop a problem. Flat out in 4th after approx 3/4 laps the car just died on me and was revving to about 2k rpm and no matter what I did with the throttle it didn't alter the RPM. The little "heart monitor" warning light was on and I assumed the car had gone into limp mode so limped back to the pits as you do!

Luckily we had a spare throttle pedal to which as soon as we unplugged mine and plugged the other one in the problem sorted itself! Great! FOR NOW!

Next session I was out again after 3/4 laps coming down the pit straight flat out in 4th.......It did the same thing again. I pulled into the pits straight away and just left the car and thought f**k it!

Only as I got the winch ready to put the car back on my trailer at the end of the day, the car started and revved as normal! ARGHHHHH!

Now I'm thinking that it's heat related as once the car cooled down it revved freely. I've had a code reader plugged in and it's flagging up throttle position sensor (pedal?) and Throttle body sensor I think but it also had a load of stuff like track 1, track 2 etc etc.

Can anybody shed some light into what it could be as I don't really want to just start buying loads of sensors and throttle bodies if I can help it.

I'm doing Donington on 22 July so want the car spot on for then without worrying about if it's gonna happen again.


Mine did that few times last week I changed the map sensor and I stop it from going into limp mode
Forgot to add, mine hasn't got a MAF sensor on the left of the inlet. It's cammed and has been mapped without MAF (apparently)
Got the same issue - some stuff in my project thread(last couple pages) and if you search for limp mode and the like should bring up other threads. I haven't resolved mine yet - of to Mallory on Sat with a pedal and hopefully a TB to swap out on the day and if this fails to fix then its a loom out and check each wire for me. :(