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172 Track warrior

  BMW 320d Sport

Says the man who darent do a 1/4 mile in case he gets hammered. Anyone can drive around a track if theyve got enough money. Not everyone can post a good quarter mile time, simple as that.:)
  VW Transporter 174

OOOOOOHHHHHH hand bags ;)

I know you are a lost cause but im trying to save the rest of the forum. Its a crime to just drag a clio especially the Willy.

Slayer(who is not rich)

agree with slayer.......

drag stips are for people who can only operate 2 things at

Ive beena track racer since 8 and will never waste my clutch on a drag strip........

slayer......coomb, sometime, just got a new 16V.....we could av a larf!


ClioSport Admin
  Audi A4 v6 & Clio

Why do one or the other when you can do both! I love track days, but I also love quarter miling.

"He was cocking a wheel at nearly every corner"

Its not that hard! My clio is regulary on 3 wheels as benr well knows..... lol

Slayer, have you done Cadwell or Anglesey? We are contemplating either( or both, if finances permit ). In that case, how do you think a FWD car of moderate power like the Cup would do there?

  BMW 320d Sport

LOL yes you are right nothing will ever stop me from 1/4 miling nor many others on here...but rather than take the piss, why not try it, methinks a lot of these track day fans look down their noses at quarter milers because when it came to the crunch they wouldnt be able to cut the mustard on the drag strip? But round the circuit whos gonna really know if youre pushing it or not, seeing as at track days youre not supposed to be least Ive actually done both 1/4 miling and track driving so Im in a position to comment on both.

Anyone can be good a 1/4 miling though, you just need practice and a good car. Though i appreciate the thrill factor of beating someone like that, its like a modern day duel.

With track driving you need to learn car control which takes years and years, plus determination and courage. Again though i appreciate motor racing is very expensive, but i cant see how it can be anywhere near as rewarding.

  Clio 197

Motorsports hierarchy according to me:

Monster trucks, Tractor pulls at the bottom of the food chain, drag racing just above, oval racing in the middle, with road racing and rally tied at the top.

It might take some balls to launch a funny car or a rail but anything less than 1000hp is boring on the strip. You can scare the sh*te out of yourself on a track in anything if you try hard enough!

Value for money spent is far greater on the track. One lap of the ring is €10. For that you get 20km of really challenging pavement. How many 1/4 miles would you have to do to add up to that! And what would it cost in terms of wear and tear on the driveline and tyres?
  BMW 320d Sport

hehe looks like well never agree on this one;)

lets just say that I dont think circuit racing can be that hardcore if only rich boys can afford to do it enough to get good at it. I wonder how many racing drivers are genuinely talented and just one day got lucky somehow, and how many are just naturally ok drivers who through with a combination of a lot of expensive track time, or daddy buying them a go kart at a young age? I dont claim to be an expert on track driving, but I do remember asking Vicki BH at Brands when we had the meet there, what do you need to succeed in motor racing and the answer was a bit of a talent and a lot of money.

Even if youre not intending to be an F1 driver, and just go on a track day every fortnight or so, thats thousands of pounds a year easily. Compare that to an average of 20 quid for a days quarter miling, at somewhere like York where you go up the strip as many times as you want, theres a mellow atmosphere, some friendly rivalry, some soggy burgers and stewed cups of tea and you can compete against yourself. No-one takes the piss out of other peoples cars at the drag strip cos everyone who does it knows thats its not about trying to drive all over the place in a way you wouldnt on the road, and possibly endangering others; its about beating your *own* previous best.

Eddd you say how cheap the Ring is, yes it is once you get there, which is why we cant wait to get over there. But there is nothing like the Ring in Britain, every so-called track over here is just the same thing over and over again, round and round you go paying at least £100 for the privilege usually. I cant see how thats so superior compared to going up the quarter mile again and again, its just the same corners over and over, I can have that sort of fun perfecting my line late at night on the country roads round my way...

LOL........i take it only poor drivers say that track driving is easya nd the result of practice...

Money is overly important in todays motorsport, but talent is still a vital part, as you wont get any money without proof of winings......but there is a catch 22 in there.

James Hunt is about the only self made racer, he was not a natural driver and just wokred hard at it, but he ended up dead early on, so.......

An example of all money and no talent....why, the lovely Alex Yoong......last last last.......the backing of a country and still gets nowhere.....

Track driving needs a little more skill than repeatedly dumping the clutch and moving your left arm.........just be surprised when a std mini goes flying past your turbo beast at a track, corners are the real equaliser.........

BenR - couldnt have put it better myself ! Santa pod was fun at first, well for the first 2 times i went, but track days are where they are at, i wonder how many of you boys can go flat through craner kerbs at dono !

ive been racing since i was 8, so pull throttle gear bangning is an every straight occurence, and just not that exciting.
  BMW 320d Sport

Well I wouldnt say quarter miling is dumping the clutch. You cant post a good time like that Ben. Ill be the first to admit that there must be more skill in track driving, what im trying to say is that people shouldnt make out as if track driving is the be all and end all of driving a fast or modded car. Its fun but it is an expensive habit that a lot of people cant afford to take up, so why should they feel like theyre second-class drivers just cos they dont want to rag their cars to death on a track going round and round in circles?

I still cant see that theres that much more fun to be had on a track than on a good empty and winding B-road. And the bonus is you dont have to pay for it and wont batter your car. Unless you stack it into a ditch that is.:)

yea, i know its not dump the clutch..........but its near enough.

As for B roads, I dont drive anywhere near my limit on the rds, since you cant possibly do so safely.......if your really ragging it, i would prefer not to be in the car or near by. I would say the max anyperson could drive on the road is a decent 80%............its just not safe to do anymore.

I cant afford trackdays all teh time..i pick the heap ones where there are specials and i know they are well organised.

action days are a great introduction and cheap.

But just think, how many runs can you get at the pod in a day compared to how many times you can balst down a straight on a track?

total VFM........ = total miles on track or strip /cost ;)
  VW Transporter 174


You love to create this myth that track drivers are "Toffs" but the cars i see turning up are cheap 80s/90s hot hatches where in some cases mates have clubed together to run a car that they have bought for less than a grand.Im not knocking you guys but just trying to understand your motivation to Drag when the "buzz" from a track day is so much better,when in most of your cases you have wonderfull cars to track. I also find it amusing that many of you put your quarter mile times under your Tags,this suggests to me that some of you feel a little bit inadequate and seek status from other forum members that drag.You dont find the likes of Ben and myself posting our 1.20 something lap times of castle combe, thats because we are more self asured of our own abilities .You also say that its just going round in circle but i find myself analysing each lap, trying to grab extra tenths out of each corner,can you say the same of your 14/15 second runs??????


Quote: Originally posted by 172 slayer on 17 March 2003

this suggests to me that some of you feel a little bit inadequate and seek status from other forum members that drag.
And this from someone who comes on a forum calling themselves "SLAYER"!!! Hee hee!!!


lol...nick probably will!

have you seen top fuel drag racers in the US....they are average 35-55 yrs old!!!

Dont see any old F1 drivers! :p

Maybe its just me and a few others, but drag racing seems, well, like what you do at every traffic light? move off from the cue behind you.

I agree with what 172slayer says, there is a huge trend of old classics on tracks nowdays, as Ben says if you choose the right format you can track drive for a reasonable some.

I was one of these daddies boys Nick was on about, got a kart and starting racing from there, but from the age of 14 i had to work to get my own sponsership which is the majority of the revenue. As Ben said you can have all the money you want but if you dont have the talent you wont make it, simple.

A weekend experience of a european track cant be beaten in my view, wish i was going on the cliosport euro meet :(