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172 traction control

i wanna get traction control fitted to my car.

trying to decide what one to go for


and as williams2 dont have ABS, do i need any extra parts?

James, Im looking at getting the RaceLogic system fitted, if you havent got abs then youll need some wheel sensors - shouldnt cost much more though.
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172s after around Aug 2002 are fitted standard with Traction Control (ASR) and ESP (previous supply was a £750 option for ESP). As mikeherts posted there is an ESP button on the dash that can disable/enable the TC and ESP (normally enabled on start-up). When disabled the "skidding car" lamp on the instrument cluster is illuminated.
  mk2 172

problem with the 172 traction control............its w**k! for setting off anyway, its not a launch control, it just bogs you down at the slightest hint of a fast set off, its best turned off for a quick start and rely on good old driver ability.


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What would you do if you wanted it fitted to a 2002 172 that doesnt have it ? go to a Renault dealer and ask it to be fitted for £750 ?

Just curious thats all ..

_KDF - Hmmmmmm if you want a decent system, go get a system fitted byh RaceLogic or someone similar, their kit is the dogs :)

LOL Hey it might be sh*t but its got to be a laugh to play around with... Plus I bet you can take off quicker with it even if its sh*t to use cornering!!


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Well, Its gotta be said the 172 has the best traction in the wet of all the cars I have driven in the past, in the dry its on par with my 205 GTi, in the wet my 172 is better.

If it was fitted as standard to mine then great, but I dont think I will be forking out 1000+ quid for something that I might never need/use.

I think they started fitting it as standard because of the Mini I didnt even know they did till today.... Shame I wont be buying a 172 for a couple of years yet.....