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172 turbo??

  Silver 172 Cup
Hey,im new to cliosport but owned my 172 cup for about a year now and am at that stage of wanting a change so have decided to go down the route of turboing it.I know theres lots of mixed views about this on here so was just wanting some advice from people with more experiance than me...

As im only 19 i would be trying to do it on a budget,trying not to go over the 3k mark.
Firstly my engine is in the 90s so i have another 1 in the shed with only 50k which i plan on running with standard internals

Heres my shopping list i have so far...

T28 turbocharger
Turbo manifold
Megane 225 injectors
Megane 225 spark plugs
Megane 225 fuel rail
Forge intercooler (not sure which one yet)
Piping for intercooler (would probably get from ktec)
Turbo oil feed and drain (again ktec)
Turbo downpipe (again ktec)
Omex lambda sensor

Has anyone run something like this on the standard ecu with the map from rs tuning,or would i be better forking out for the omex 600 ecu?

Would apprechiate some advice on what else is needed,and just a heads up to know if im on the right lines with the stuff iv got?Was hoping to get it runnin about the 220-230 bhp mark?cheers
  Lotus Elise
omex 600 ecu is an old bit of kit now I would look at the one Tour de Force are now supplying. You can find it in there traders section.
  172 cup
My insurance company only wanted to raise my yearly figure by £100 for a supercharger conversion, and even then I feel I could have bartered a bit and got it even cheaper!

I was very surprised to say the least
I'm pretty suprised you can get insured on a 172 at 19 nevermind with a turbo, I'm 23 and pay alot. Anyways wasn't rstuning looking at doing a turbo package maybe worth a look!
  Clio T 314hp c43 AMG
I spent nearly £800 on mapping trying to get mine running properly...... Just food for thought, Clio turbo and on a budget don't go together.
  172 cup TT
My ecu is an emerald, then get yourself to see Dave and he will completely sort you out.. Cannot rate his service and product higher... I have NEVER had a single issue with mine, never not started, got me home during a 4 hour drive in those blizzards we had a few months ago... always starts in freezing temps. A quality piece of kit, chuffed.
engine dynamics do a kit supplied and fitted for around the 2k mark i think , or they did when i last looked , they have a fully forged engine with cams in and everything for 2k ,
I think the cheapest and best way to do this conversion would be to basically fit a F4RT from a megane 225. It's been done using the 172 bottom end, 225 internals, 225 head and then 172 gearbox.

If you could run a cracked OEM ECU it's easily within budget and will make in excess of 250bhp
  Silver 172 Cup
Thanks for all the advice,think I'll look into both the engine dynamics package and seeing how much work it would be to fit the F4RT with a clio bottom end and box,as this way there would still be plenty more potential for more power :)
  Bg182 bitsa,thisthat
No have fitted the full 225 block, manufactured a adapter plate for the top of the box, used the f4r sump, and drilled and tapped the rest of the block


ClioSport Club Member
  Sunflower Ph1
what ecu are you running on that Owen? have you had any cooling issues?

well done for doing it mate!