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172 Tyres


Does anyone notice the grip on the 172 tyres starts to dissapear around the 7,500 mile mark? is it me or does anyone else notice this on the front tyres?

I personally dont "trash" my 172 but i have noticed a slight loss of grip on the origioanl tyres around 7,500 miles.

The tyres i find to be really good and i compare them to "yokos" - e.g soft tread but excellent grip and the downside is that they wear down quickly.

I know i cant have it both ways but am interested in what other 172 drivers think?

Thanks for your comments on this subject.

Clio 172 Driver 2002 model uk spec.

I junked my ContiSports after 600 miles (well, Telford_mike bought them off me actually) cos I really didnt like the amount of grip they gave - not enough me for by far. So I swapped over to Goodyear Eagle F1s, and they are fantastic, good grip, good wear, excellent, Im just gonna go and replace my fronts this morning - not completely illegal yet, but low enough to notice the loss in grip, especially in the wet, and thats after 10,000 miles, 2 track days, and one very hard driving academy day (which did immediate damage to the outside of the front offside tyre due to the emergency braking course)
  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

My 1.4 16V had 195/50 Pirelli P5000 which were excellent tyres with really great grip especially in the wet.

Ive now got Yoko A539 (I think thats the correct model number) on 205/45/16 and they dont feel that great grip wise, so I think when the time comes Ill get myself a set of Pirelli again, maybe the P6000
  320d M Sport

I just swapped for Toyos, do a search and youll find comparative prices and phone numbers etc, i put a thread up about it.

  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

Paddy, how do you find the Toyos

I have seen them around but heard nothing of how they grip/handle etc
  320d M Sport

I like em! At first they didnt seem much different but one night on "my test track" i looked at the speedo and saw i was goin through the bend quicker than with Contis. Im sure they give less road noise as well? Seem v quite, but they are very grippy indeed, really good in the wet as well.


Hi guys, regarding tyre choice for the clio, Im currently using

Bridgestone Profiler G on my MK1 172, very pleased with grip

and so far, good resistance to wear-far better than the original

Michelins. The best bit, they only cost £30 each from Demon Tweaks.


I switched to toyos @ 8500 as the standard contis were bold. To be honest the toyos are hard wearing,V good grip and I got them fittted and balanced for a 100 notes. I would have bought contis again but they wear out to quick for my liking.