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172 vs /172 Topspeed!

Me, telford_mike and Desmondo all hit 120mph at Heyford on the Max Speed run, but I think we really needed a longer strip! (Or the braking marker moving back a bit)

Im sure people have got higher speeds on private roads/tracks

130mph is the highest I had out of mine. Didnt get any further because I suddenly realised that what I thought was private land was actually the M18.

  mk2 172

got it wednesday mate! thought id join you in the two car brigade, my needs are the opposite of yours, you want a handler, whereas i want some turbo fun for straightline power, have been pretty silent on here these last few days as iv had the engine bay stripped out for a major service, my first dabble in playing with an engine properly. someone coming soon to diagnose a fault as a sensor somewhere is playing up intermittently, the in gear acceleration is good fun and the turbo antics are great, am just awaitng my dump valve coming in the post. im off to scotland tonight til friday so all should be well bty then. then ill wait til im 21, (sep 26th) and insure it, then the willy will be garaged for winter.


Cupsize.. I have 6 speed boxes available for the cup providing you change the block.. all other parts are the same.

price of box and block.. 1250 (new!!!)


Are you serious mate? Is it as simple as changing them over? Have u put one in your 172? Email me with some more details

bloody hell ive had 138 on my clock, and it wasnt at the top of the revs! if i had more power to push it could get more!

Are these speeds all reached with standard rims and tyres on? I wthought if you stick 17s/18s on that this hinders perfromance and power to hit top speeds?
  CTR EK9 turbo

6500 rpm in fifth indicated around 142(?) Same top speed as my friends Pulsar GTiR which is lightly modded. (both flat out for about 10 minutes on deserted runway) So probably realistically 138 as it says in the manual.... or if anyone can work out what 6500 rpm in 5th gear equates to???


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

Craggy -

So, how do you rate the Punto then?!

I always fancied one of these when I was younger as I *like* turbos...


Nowhereman dood..

you musta been

1, severely downhill

2, At Salt Lake....


3, have a faulty dash

man, that musta bin sum straight piece of road !

Jus Kiddin !!!!!


the mk2 will hit the limiter in 5th at 146mph unless its chipped. At high 130s the gear change up light came on in my car

if you get it chipped you max possible speed will go up (20.6mph *rpm), as standard i think you would need a big hill to hit the limiter, but with a few mods and say a 7800 limiter (Upped as part of being chipped) would give a max possible of 160mph if you had enough power