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172 vs C32 AMG Merc...........

Just had car in for its 12000 service, running absolutely spot on. Pulled up at traffic lights on a three lane carriageway tonight and a C32 AMG Merc comes up beside me. Hes on his own, Im 2 up with pretty light fuel load.

Lights change, I get a good take-off .

Pretty level in 1st gear but as I go into 2nd he just leaves me.

I knew he was caning it as I had my window open.

Anyone got any stats on this car?

Was the latest shape aswell but dont know age as it had a private plate.

my mums got the slk version, and its like sh*t off a shovel! all of the amgs rite across the range are quick as i think. below is for the new c32:

Number of Cylinders

Number of Valves

Displacement [cc]


Maximum Torque [nm/rpm]


I really doubt he was trying, 354 bhp 0-6 in low 5s.

Sorry cupsize erm stu 172 I dont think he was trying.

they are mega quick some tested at 4.7 from 0-60 ouch

massive torque... oh n thats gonna be the slowest AMG from now..... SLK is faster coz its lighter. (apart from ML55 AMG they r still slow) the rest are E55 AMG 4.7 from 0-60 . SL55 AMG same thing... S55 AMG V12 Twin Turbo. around 4.6 i heard so are the CL55 AMG

Absolutely NUTS



The autobox thing (being slower than a manual) is not appicable to the C32

it uses speedshift technology created by AMG

the shifts are soooo much faster than you or me can change gear

0-60 in 4.8 secs is very possible

and they handle beautifully

My dads mates CL55 AMG will keep up with my dads Honda VFR800 and pass it at about 120mph, that was the main reason my dads now got a fireblade.