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172vs new civic type-r

HI has anyone with a 172 raced a civic type-r,
there is this kiddy with a new civic type-r where i live and he always wants to race not only me but every thing in sight, i known they quick but does the clio 172 have a chance

cheers Shorty

Make sure that it isnt just one straight line challenge and youll be OK. The Type-R is like a Clio 16v in the way it develops its torque way up the revs range, so out of roundabouts and so on, over a good distance, should put you in contention for a scalp if hes not on the ball (like you have to be with high rev cars).
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Hi shorty - i raced one off the lights a while back and he cheated and went on Orange (i only ever go on green; safety/fairness/legal etc) - so not really a comparison, but i did stay with him and if anything i caught up......

Civic type R 0-62 6.8 seconds.... 172 0-62 7.2 seconds..... Your have to out drive a type R to beat it.... but hey what would you rather have a shopping trolly on 17s or a 172?

Just like with the 19 16v, Clio 16v and Williams, the 172s do seem to vary in terms of engine output from the factory. I wouldnt worry too much about tenths of seconds - especially when its 0-60 times. What torque and power are available at what rpm will tell you more.

Thats the listed 0-62 time in TopGear mag...... Of couse 0-62 times tell you lots.... your not going to be driving the civic lower than 5k if your racing someone and above that is where the power is.... Myself I would rather have torque & bhp lower down the revs like the 172 but in a straight line a well driven Civic will win(Not by much) and anyway with the extra 3k you save with a 172 you could mod and whoop a Type R

Ok - but a case in point is the 16v/Willy duo. Identical 0-60 times, but really different to drive due to the flexibility of the Willys flatter torque curve. In the real world, the Willy is quicker than the 16v. :D

I guess they arent that different - same engine bar the manifolds, so same post 4500rpm kick:cool: but with feeble low-down torque:cry:

surely off the line at the lights the 172 would have an edge due to it having traction control and the civic not??? also the 0-62 of teh 172 is 6.9 seconds while according to the civic brochure in front of me, time the civic is 6.8 so not alot of difference there!
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ben mate u not wrong about the difrences between willy and valver.

its like a totally difrent car lol

the willy pulls from 2500 rpm whereas we all know the valver dont pick up til 4500 rpm. but in the willy at 4500 rpm the thing really picks up n shifts lol


Had a Civic out pace me on the way to work the other day. Got to the top of 4th and he was pulling away from me. He did get the drop on me as I was in 5th and had to change down but I doubt this would have made much difference.

Cheers peeps for the support, this kiddy is a pain in the arse i think the car has about 2000 miles on the clock so the engine is still tight, but realy thanks to every one who posted a reply i just might take this mother f***er out .

as for tunning the clio i just might and show the f**kers that french cars can kick arse to.

sorry for swearing but this kiddy takes the piss, he drives like a tw*t
if dont race f**ker he bound to smash the car up

anyway iam going to watch the foo fighters on jules holland now but thanks to everyone. this club has some good people on board


there nothing competitive in 172BHP 5 speed box Vs 200BHP 6 speed, these things are on cam in everygear when caned,

(im going to get flamed for this)

and while all the 172 owners are sat at home waiting for thier cars to be fixed the CTR man is still out troubling exotic german and japanees exotica.

there is simply no questioning thier ability


Ill question their ability till the sun goes down!! I ve seen 3 different Type-Rs on the strip, not one of them dipped below 15.5, it appears to be very difficult to get the power down off the line!! If youve got a good 172 itll stay with a type-r with ease!!
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I keep seeing Civic Type-Rs everywhere I go but they are never going the same direction as me to be able to race them!

very intrested about the 1/4 mile times, i wondered what they would do, they dont seem into it on the CTR forums, maybe they arent as quick as they seem, i mudt admit im yet to drive one

Only once I saw a CTR and that was at a set of light on the A406. Green came and I went for it. I can only say they guy must have stalled because he was nowhere. I hit traffic (was in outside lane) so slowed and drove normally, suddenly there was this screaming engine and he raced up the inside - obviously not very pleased. This was not a race as he must has messed up somewhere, cant imagine he wasnt ready for it the way he drove up to the lights.

Ive seen 172s and CTRs going for it racing (when we were in France) so I know what they can do. All good fun.

Get yourself down to Santa Pod end of March where this quarter mile question between these two marques will be settled once and for all!
  Astra 1.9cdti XP

My mate at work had a CTR for about 8 months got it at the same time I got mine. We had a few races, there was nowt in it. In fact I do remember being behind him at one point and had to brake at about 90 so I didnt hit the back of him. Hes sold the car now perhaps was a bit peeved he couldnt get away.

All in all there is only tine ammounts in it so down to the driver and BALLS!!!

Ive driven CTR, and must say its NICEEEEE !!! :) it handles like a dream - i mean its very very easy to drive quickly, accelrates v.good (even if the punch comes only at about 6000 :) )

gearbox- sorry :) just another league :)
and these seats :). I think it gives nicer cosier feeling, more comfy all round, is easier to drive, but as fast as clio sport (172)

Yeah, but in reality it costs 3 grand more than the clio sport. No matter how you look at it, even if it is a couple of car lengths quicker to 100 mph, it is not worth £3k+ on top is it?

If you owned a civic type r and raced a clio sport and only just outdragged it (on a straight, not the twisties because it would be equal on the twisties), I would say that the clio sport driver would claim it as more of a victory than you, because you paid 20% more for your car, you have less toys, slightly inferior handling and a bigger reputation to defend, that lets be honest exceeds the cars capabilities (there is no way it gets to a 100 in 16.2, I owned one for a year and never went that fast even by 11,000 miles)

Bye Buy

Type Rs are well basic inside.... Compair it more to a Cup than a normal 172... then the civic is matched 0-62 and still the Cup is 3 k cheaper!!!!

I agree, having owned both, that they are evenly matched but I changed for a more practical car (more space), better reliability, superior dealers (compared to Renault) and and at the moment better residuals.

I loved my exclusive but I had to many problems with the dealers and I dont think 3k is such a premium to pay for what I consider a better overall package (car/dealers/honda). Basic, debatable, fun definatley ;)
  Astra 1.9cdti XP

Keith you honesty is a refreshing change mate!!! Keep it up!!!

I dont think that the CTR is basic by any means its just that with the 172 you are spoiled a little.

;)Same here Paul, its nice to see that the CTR can be appreciated too. The clean lines of the interior compared to my Exclusives apparent clutteredness (speeling !!, as it is a bigger car) is refreshing.

The amount of compliments (well comparisons to a bus) I get because I have gear stick on the dash makes it all worth while.


Here we go something i forgot to metion
not long ago before my clio172 i had a civic vti 1.6 vetec
coupe 168 bhp from a 1.6 it had some goddies on it
exhaust and air filter, anyway to cut a long story short me and my wife just left a local petrol garage and this civic type-r comes right up behind me almost pushing me, so i had to see how these cars go, from the next roundabout i was right behind him close to touching his bumper there was not much it at all, that makes me think that the civic type-r is not all that its cracked up to be.

Theyre MPVs for gods sake. Ive heard the gearbox is awesome, which is annoying cos i think the latest gens clios have crap ones. Its not supposed to be fun to drive, which is more important than speed me thinks! :)

Shorty, so how would you compare your Civic VTI to your 172? If you Civic was a match for a CTR then surely it would be a match for the 172, also what made you change?

RobFenn, for f*cks sake I am sick of people calling the CTR a MPV ..... get it right fool it is a bread van!!!;)


Theres a black CTR I encounter sometimes on my way to work. Usually too much traffic to race but I dont think Id bother anyway as the guy drives like a tit. Seems a bit like a Mondeo or BMW driver undertaking people and cutting them up on Islands just to save a few seconds. People that do that really get my goat. This morning was quite funny. There was me just trundling along at 40mph and I watch him dodging in and out of the traffic but because of the queues I still beat him upto the lights. Numpty. Someone should teach him to look beyond the end of his bonnet.

Wicked comments about the new civic type-r by RobFenn, keith0, spot on guys, he he he (mpv) wicked i have tears running from my eyes

keitho, good question i worked for renault for 5 yrs and the clio 172 was a dream car back then i think the dealership was selling them for £15000
which was way out of my price range. anyway the civic was a quick car for a 1.6 it redlined at 9000rpm but the bloody vetec was piss poor under 5000rpm so you had to give it some all the time plus the you couldnt have a nice quiet drive on your own it was way to loud the engine always screaming.
i love the clios styling and the constant power all the way through the gears. also the civics interior was crap, seats from a lada would have given more support when driving.

I think zidian right all civic type-r owners think they have somthing to prove overtaking everything in sight

wicked response to the post people