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182 > 15's

  Fabia VRS & Yeti
Hi, just swapped my wheels for some 15's off a Clio 2 ( I think) I know it needs lowering and the 195/45's don't help!
Does anybody know the width of these wheels as I am guessing they are 15x6, they just seem really narrow after the standard wheels? The marking on them just seems like a number but is 45615 so do you reckon et45, 6x15?
They just clear the calipers!
I thought the tyres were ok in the dry on sunday but today in the wet they were sliding, understeering and spinning a lot, I'm hoping that this is only down to the make of tyre (Event)and not rim width???
195/50/15 PE2's on the shopping list!:eek:


ClioSport Club Member
  VW Golf GTD
IIRC correctly the 195 bit is the width in mm?

So they should be the same width as standard 172 tyres


  RS2'ed 172 Cup
Event Tyres = Death

I had a set on my cup when I purchased it, within the space of 5 min driving in the rain I had nearly lost it 3 times so they went in the bin.

The only Event those Tyres will ever be sutable for is finding the nearest Ditch!
  Fabia VRS & Yeti
Bit like covering them in liquid understeer;)

I thought it was the tyres, I never buy anything other than Michelin/ Bridgestone etc, they came on the wheels.
I'm just wondering if its worth buying a set of PE2's wil be worth it if these wheels are only 6inch wide?
Or is it worth seeking out some 15x7's or 15x6.5's even though they will still be wearing 195 section tyres:S


ClioSport Club Member
  Focus ST225, Focus E
If you want to get rid give me a pm with price etc i need a new set of alloys :p mine are buckled :-X they look well on the car btw :)
Would you use a Tesco's Value condom?

Neither would I use cheap tyres but hey I'm sure it won't affect all the effort Renaultsport put into making the car handle.............

I've used both 15's and 16's on my car and providing there the right offset and IMHO decent tyres such as say Hankook RS2's or PE2's you'll be all good.

  Fabia VRS & Yeti
The wheels are for sale if anyone is interested.
I've have never experienced such poo tyres before. hence whole panic, noob thread etc:eek: