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182 alarm-beeps

alarm just set off on car for no appparant reason-went out and deactivated it-and it made four beeps-anyone know what this sound means??

it means your alarm has been activated !!!!, what your looking for is the amount of flashes on your led inside the car

cheers-didnt check the led just checked the car was ok and alarmed it again-what are the alarms like in general-do u get a lot of false alarms or they tend to be okish?

mine has been ok, keep your vents shut, and make sure there isnt a fly or moth in your car, sounds stupid but mine kept going off a while ago and i found a moth, got rid of it and alarm never went off again

cant complain tho-had the car 5 days and happy is not the word-a great little car although seem to be at the petrol pumps more than i thought!!:)
  Ford Fiesta

like whats said above. CHeck the number of led flashes. In your alarm manual it gives a table. I think 1 flash means door/boot/bonnet and i think 3 flashes mean ultrasonics. cant remember rest