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182 Black Gold Question??

Evening guys

I am considering buying a 182 now due to a change in circumstances, I really like the black gold colour. What I am trying to find out is if that was the only black the 182 was offered in??

If not can someone tell me the color code and where it can be found on the car so I cam be sure.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the swift reply, that's great news and makes my life a lot easier!!!

On another note a couple I have seen are fitted with Scorpion and Milltek exhausts, I have read the stock ones are prone to rot so understand the reasons for changing them, just wondered how intrusive they are?

  clio 182 sport
hi do you mean black paint with gold speckles in it ,if so i had a black*gold clio 182 sport back in 2004 ,i wanted a normal black 182 but motor point only had the black and gold 182
  nothing 😔
The 172 came in pearl black and that colour was available on lesser clios, but the 182 only came in black gold and it was (iirc) exclusive to the 182/renaultsport cars.
Yes the pearl black is 172's did black gold also get used on 172's tho as a few people I have come across say their 172's are black gold not black pearl like mine?? Is there a code difference? (may sound ovious but the cars I have checked had the same code as mine 676
  Stealth 438'd 182

absolutely mint paint code!!!
Simply stunning! I was originally looking at French Blue but having seen Black Gold I madey mind up!!!

Love my detailing too so looks quite a rewarding paint.