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182 brake pedal travel

Hi, I have a problem with the brakes on my Clio, it’s a 2004 182.

When braking hard the pedal hits the floor before the wheel’s lockup.
If you jab the brake pedal hard in the wet, the wheels lock & ABS does not kick in.
The brake pedal goes hard when engine is off.

The brakes work fairly well, haven't had any problem passing MOT. Although the amount of pedal travel does seem to vary.

Traction control & service light come on after approximately 3 minutes of driving. Lights clear when ignition is turned off.
Cruise control & speed limiter work until the traction control light comes on, then only the speed limiter works.

I've done the following:

I’ve bled at least 5 litres of fluid through the system using various methods:
Gunson eezibleeed
Vacuum pump attached to caliper (low pressure)
Traditional pedal method
Combination of pedal method & vacuum pump
Wasn't getting any air out of the system.
After all this bleeding I then taken it to a local garage who also bleed the brakes & said no air was coming out.
Garage also did a test (can’t remember what this was) but confirmed that the master cylinder was not at fault.

Replaced front & rear disks & pads.
Replaced front & rear flexible hoses.
Replaced brake pedal switch
Cleaned pins on ABS pump & used contact cleaner. There was a little corrosion on the pins.
Checked pins on ECU - looked fine, used contact cleaner.
Checked white connector in engine bay fuse box & used contact cleaner.
Disconnected battery (30 minutes+)
Checked Canbus resistance between CAN High & CAN low from OBD port, the reading was 57 ohms on a cheap reader. Supposed to be 60, assume this isn't a problem.
Checked the ABS rings & sensors for damage - no issue.
Attached each sensor to a multi meter & spun the wheels, I can't remember what the readings were now, but they were consistent across all 4 wheels.

If I remove the ABS fuse the abs light comes on.
If I remove the ABS connector the abs light comes on

ABS light comes on when starting car, goes out after a few seconds.
If you leave the ignition on without starting the car, waiting for the abs light to go out, when you do start the car the abs light blinks once, not sure if this is normal.

Tried using 3 different OBD code readers - no faults logged.
Tired to use "OhNo! Renault" app to view ABS fault codes, but cannot find compatible OBD reader - anyone know a compatible reader?

I've had the car approximately 2 & half years.
Twice since owning the car, the ABS has "kicked" the pedal briefly when braking lightly.

I'm guessing the pedal travel issue is related to the ABS pump. Could an electrical fault, cause one of the ABS valves to be partially open & bleed off some of the braking pressure?
I guess it could also be air trapped in the ABS pump.

I'm assuming that the brake pedal travel issue is unrelated to the traction control light coming on?

I've lost confidence in driving the car due to the brake travel, does anyone have anything else I can try before I take it to Renault? I don't know anyone local that has CLIP (I'm in Truro, Cornwall). I'm not that fussed about the traction control, but would really like to get the brake pedal travel sorted out.

Sorry for the long post, trying to give as much information as possible.

Many thanks in advanced.



ClioSport Club Member
Pffff, could be anything...
ABS pump bleeding would be my first bet, need clip for that.
Any work done on steering?
Steering angle sensor might be out
Tbh, the shotgun approach to fixing cars doesn't work, get a proper code reader on it.
Yes I was thinking the next step is to bleed the ABS pump.
No haven't touched anything to do with the steering, am I right in saying the steering angle sensor could affect traction control but not the break pedal travel?
The only good use clio brakes have is to put a race pad in and slam on the pedal every corner. Ive used abs setup, 172 cup setup and custom bias valve setup to no avail.