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182 Climate Control Question?

  Clio 182 FF/Cup Packs
You know when you press the windscreen button, to clear the front screen?

Is there a way to make it blow on the front screen and for e.g. your feet at the same time?

Also can you use the windscreen button without AC engaged? I've tried a few things but it won't play nice!




ClioSport Club Member
  FF Jeden Osiem Dwa
You can't have it set on the windscreen demister and your feet at the same time . Also having it set on the windscreen demister it automatically puts on the AC as well .
  Clio 182 FF/Cup Packs
That's what i'd thought but i was just wondering if there was something i didn't know.

You can just press the feet button, and the button next to up that points up. Which it was it does when demisting the windscreen, it just uses A/C as it gets rid of the condensation.

Is that what you mean?

Its late :(