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182 Earths that would impact Immobiliser & creating a Guide to 182 Earth points


ClioSport Club Member
My 182 has an intermittent fault and sometimes the immobiliser does not release. As odd and intermittent issues are often due to iffy earths ... as these cars get older iffy earths are more likely to cause us issues and as I can find little on where these earths physically are (the workshop manual lists 13 earth points).
So I wondered if others would like to contribute to us creating a guide that would list them all, where they are on the car and how to get to them and if they are bad what issues it might cause. I can see 2 earth connections next to each other ahead of the battery but as an example no idea where the UCH or immobiliser ring circuitry earths to. I have attached a couple of PDFs that we can hopefully use as a reference for creating this guide.


  • IMMOBILISER Fault Finding.pdf
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  • Elec_Colour_ 4168-Renault-Clio-01-.pdf
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