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182 features?

  Renault Clio 1.2
guys talk to me about the 182 features, because i have plans to buy one come late new year (april time), the steering wheel has volume and cruise control buttons? traction control? what else does it do other than drive quick?
  172 Cup
usual ones...air con electric mirrors, windows etc...
auto lights & wipers
climate control
traction control button (a must :p)
half suede/alacantra seats

What more could you need from a hot hatch? :D
  B/G 182 + PH1 Track
Meh the ESP button i turn mine off everyday, i wish i could by pass it out :D

Dont forget the usual features, you will have a rattle one day, you wont find where it comes from, next day it wont be there. Day after same annoying rattle from somewhere else in the car :D renult FTW.
  VW Caddy Van
Or random lights coming on ur dash when u hit ur brakes lol. Mines is the rear fog light indicator haha


Or random lights coming on ur dash when u hit ur brakes lol. Mines is the rear fog light indicator haha

Bad earth/corroded connections - easily fixed.

172/182's are great little cars and are very highly specced for a hot hatch.

Most (if not all) the features are listed above.
Don't listen to the haters, all cars suffer from issues.
  Honda ATR
On my second one now. Good spec car for the money, and handles with the best of them.....maybe consider a tidy 172 and save yourself a few quid. Only need to change a few things to get the power up. I.e. exhaust manafold.
182 Cup or a Trophy version aim for. If you want even more fun, ph1 172 or 172 Cup.

182's aint nowt special the ones iv come across (standard)
love my full fat 182 with all the toys, xenon's are a big selling feature for me!

Both cup packs are a must, the spoiler pack for appearance, and the Suspension & Anthracite wheels makes a massive difference in terms of handling and appearance.

On another note they rarely make the quoted stock 182ps (about 179BHP), someone here will know what they usually put out? - But with a remap, exhaust and a cheeky panel filter you can be well on your way.
  RB 200 Cup!
awesome cars - cruise control is a cool thing to have - corss legged at 120mph ftw (private runway ;))