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182 got low(ish)

  Cup Packed BG 182
Fitted my vmaxx coilovers last week, I'm pretty pleased with them but have had a few problems but will be all sorted. Ideally I will go a little bit lower all round but here are some pics, let me know what you think...






Excuse how dirty it is, my road is an absolute nightmare, makes the car so muddy!!


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  VW Golf GTD
Looks good, don't get how pople use cars this low though.
  Hyundai i30, Dog Van
i seen the splitter comment before the pics showed up and was expecting it to be low, that CAN go lower.
  Cup Packed BG 182
Yer def could be lower, yer cracked the splitter straight away, hey ho, just going to stitch it up and see how long it lasts.

One problem was the rear adjuster washers being far to big which is wierd, and im getting some rubbing on right handers, need to bend the bumper bracket away

Cheers for the comments

  Cup Packed BG 182
Yer man there good, havnt really given them a good test yet, need a few more tweeks and its going to Bedford on saturday. Any one going to be there out of interest?
Awsome, should be good. Have to let us know how they are on track as I plan on hitting Brands next month. I've heard there a bit soft for track use.


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  Gentlemans spec 200
Don't go lower, that looks a decent ride height. No point fitting suspension and then ruining things by dropping it on the floor!
  RB One Eight Two
Leave it as it is. Its got stance, and if you go any lower you will cry when you come across a speed bump.

Are your 182 alloys anthra or silver?
  Cup Packed BG 182
very nice! can't believe i haven't seen you around wycombe!

LOL your v6 is in my gf's garage, i live up the road from you. That sounds bad lol but i seen your car down at cossie corner. Also my brother says he sees you every morning in your non sport lol. small world
  Cup Packed BG 182
ha she needs it bad, theres a few things i need to sort out but will take you up on that. V's looking mint


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aww have you seen her lately? I popped over two weekss ago to start her up! Miss her bad! :(


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  182 FFAT
you got the front shocks re-drilled to fit the cup suspension? k-tec site says they're only available for the non cup