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182 in limp mode, electric fault light on - help!

  Inferno 182
Hi all, hoping you could give me some help here or some places to start! My Clio 182 has recently had a lot of work done including cam belt, new clutch etc. I've owned the car since 2009. We brought it back from the garage and it was running perfectly, then today I started it up and the electrical fault light has come on (which I know can mean a multitude of things!) and it's gone into limp mode at 3000 revs. Also, something I've never seen before, is that on start up the 'gear stick' symbol (sorry not sure of exact name!) on the right hand side is yellow and not green as normal. We will run diagnostics tomorrow but I'm concerned the electrical fault could literally be anywhere. I think we'll start with coil pack but has anyone else experienced similar and has any ideas? We'll check the usuals, spark plugs etc as well. It starts normally every time, and everything else is working fine on it.

Thanks for any help guys!!