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182 Laser Alignment Problems

  Guilietta 2.0 JTDM-2
Had my laser alignment done today at a reputable place but the steering wheel is off to the right when driving straight. Am I right in thinking they've messed it up and they should've driven it as well to check it? Going back to the place tomorrow anyway to get them to sort it.

Also since they've been doing my alignment my traction control lights are up along with the service light... Anyone got any ideas? Couldn't find anything on the search.

Thanks in advance!
  fiesta zetec s mk5 / 182
tbh i dnt drive customers cars always as some can get the arse, plus it can seem ok to the fitter but the daily driver will notice it more! They might not have it right but u mite hav a heavier tyre. Did they do the pressures b4 they did it?
Did it have 4 guages on the car?
  Guilietta 2.0 JTDM-2
I did ask them to do the pressures as well so hopefully. Not sure if they had four gauges or not tbh.
  LY 182
i've had EXACTLY the same thing (except i tracked it lol)
tracked it up with the wheel locked straight, took it round the block it was quite badly left hand down

come back checked again all fine,, still left hand down

tyres had no real visible damage/mishape to them, swapped front to rear and drove straight as a die
Sounds like they've done the simple thing of only adjusting one side and not both and kept the wheel straight take it back.