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182 multichanger for sale

  GDI Demo 182, Rsi Spider

182 multichanger

works, not damaged, just dont use it...

serious offers....

would like to sell it by the weekend.. can deliver via courier.

07010 716 440

what sort of price u thinkin mate? havent a clue what they are worth so wudnt know what a decent offer waz!

without sounding stupid how does it fir? ive got a 182 with the standard single cd at the moment
  GDI Demo 182, Rsi Spider

think it just plugs in the back of the unit.... single cable connection... goes under drivers seat..



Yep it will fit any Clio Mk2.

The cable alone is £67.
Dead easy just plug it in and it works. The only thing is when you flick the two button from FMm to MW/LW to cd there than another option of CD changer. The button on the underside of the stearing wheel remote changes disks.

Not sure which model this is as ther eare several changers tht have been used over the past few years but if its the Dayton CH0600 then I have a brand new cable never used that I may be persuaded to part with, PM me if you require it, as Edde says they are very expensive new.